f a t i h a t i e

what am i to do other than just be a friend

a lending ears

a supporter

pray it will all be good for u

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f a t i h a t i e
Went jogging at tasik celaka (tasik cempaka) last Saturday with my mum..well mum only walked..she cant use too much of her ligaments nowadays..
Went home to drop my mom, had a short breakfast n drove to the nearest perodua workshop for a car service
Arrived there at 10am..

Dressed in my jogging attire & sportshoes, I sat waiting outside in the sweltering hot afternoon n dampened long sleeves t-shirt.. a cold bath would really do me a favour..but obviously dat couldnt be happening..I brought along a novel with me for the purpose of waiting..it will be quite a wait, right..

11am-my car is still not serviced
12 pm-not serviced yet

By noon i read the novel until i felt like i'm forcing myself to read but i couldnt stop cz it would made me sicker of waiting..my tummy was growling like a monster by 11am..clearly the crackers wasnt helping much hihi..Read more than half of the book..wouldnt done dat if it wasnt for killing the time.. at the office, i usually read it bit by bit to save it for later reading..

Only by 12.42pm a mechanic took my car for service *at last...*
and finished by 1.30pm
Phheewwww 3hours and a half
O my goodness that was really really getting onto my nerves..
I'd rather solved math prob or memorized biology facts (in an aircond room of course)

Last time i only waited for 2hours

Time to pay the bills

rm 164.60

I only have rm130
This is ambarassing..

"I think i aint enuf cash, wait a sec"

"credit card is acceptable here"

*who do u think i am, do i look like i have one??*

A customer sitting beside me pretended he heard nothing

Later, my knight of armour came to the rescue
which was my very very sweet n thoughtful brother he is *sarcasm tone*
well thanks to him..he was quick
if the youngest brother was asked to go
i might reach home walking instead of him reaching the wokshop
*think of a sloth*

I payed the bills n went home

Last time i went for a car service, it only caused me below 50 ringgit..
hmm not this time..Ought to bring more than rm200 next time
o yeah, & my 'credit card' as well
yeah right!

My brother squint at the receipt n the sparepart changed n asked me to send my car to other wokshop after the warraty with perodua is done in the future..

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f a t i h a t i e
Kdg2 sy kelam kabut

Seperti ibu saye

The reason why sumtimes my father have to be very patient with mom but he doesn't have dat ability at all & at all...
f a t i h a t i e

Aku cam pelik la,

Sibuk hal org part 1:

Nape skrg ni trend org bertudung yg pakai brooch mutiara yg panjang tue pakai kat dagu.

X ke nmpk cam janggut? Sakit mate sungguh

Walaupun kalau katekan Wardina yg pakai camtu pun tetap nmpk cam klaka

Pe kena ngan aku nie

Hal remeh plak


Sibuk hal org part 2:

No offense

tp nk ckp gak

Nape masa majlis tunang, lelaki (bakal suami) kena hadir

bukan nak kata sbb kena ikut adat tp

the truth is...







lagipun lelaki tue takde peranan pulak dlm majlis tue

lelaki yg sarung cincin ke?

ke lelaki angkat dulang hantaran?


Sibuk hal org part 3:

Kenapa org buat sesuatu yg sedia maklum tak baik, kerana itu adalah dirinya dan tak mahu hipokrit

Tp pd ms yg sama mencemarkan imej ibu bapa atau keluarga (dan juga imej sendiri)

Yg mana satu lebih penting?

Hidup utk keseronokan diri sendiri?

Tak boleh ke sekurang-kurangnye fikir utk org lain, sekurang-kurangnya sedikit?

dan kesan jangka pjg dan kesan lain yg x nmpk, x usah la dinyatakan di sini

kerana yg 'ghaib' itu yg sllnye diambil enteng

Sibuk hal org part 4:

Kenapa ibu bapa membiarkan??..

(kerana mereka sudah besar n dianggap sudah tau berfikir..kununnnya)

Kalau ianya mencemarkan nama ibu bapa,

Itu kah yg dikatakan tau berfikir?

Oops tau berfikir utk menjaga diri sendiri sahaja (bukan menjaga nama mak bapak ye)

Atau ibu bapa x boleh buat ape dah..

Tu x tau nk kate ape..

Ps: I am no saint. but I have my own stance and all these are way too much for Malaysian & muslims..

A chinese friend of mine said to me that some of these baby boomers are turning into western people nowadays. erk?can't believe it's coming out from her.

Hihi emo sorang2 je. This ranting ain't going anywhere..

f a t i h a t i e
It’s December again..Feels like a long winding year this time but i’m sure those were small test to me compared to others..It really felt like a year has passed by..Starting from dreadful experience at my former workplace which I just hesitate to state its name here up to now in AOTD..

It really feels like i’ve wasted 6 months earlier..owh i know, i’m not regretting, just reminiscing=P..I’m sure there must be hikmah behind it all..=)

Now, although it is boring most of the time, it can be coped up to hahaha..I’m thankful to have made the decision of furthering my studies. Though sometimes i feel incomplete, for i haven’t explore this one dream in my head.

I’m not going to flashback this year’s ups n downs..it will remain as memories..

I’m grateful to Allah for every second of breath i take... to my family, him n friends for their dua’ for me..It kept me stronger..

Next year, a lot memory will be created.. eventually (insya Allah)..sweet n bitter memories..Lets pray for only sweet once=P ..Talking abt the future..
» 3 of my friends will be engaged n get married the same year.
» A best friend of mine will be continuing her PhD in Australia n return home to be a UM lecturer i presume.
» Another best friend of mine will be returning back home here, bumi Mesia terchenta, n get married..oooppsssiee..to be a lecturer too.
» Hoping all my master work will be completed by the end of next year..n i can proceed on my writing early of 2010. Insya Allah

One of the lessons I’ve learn this year is: The sweetest could be bitterful and bitterness could be the sweetest=)
f a t i h a t i e
A is saving up money to get married.
B is A's so so good friend.

B:Sorry we have to posponed our get together. can we make it dis friday after work? or if u don mind next friday for lunch?

A:Next friday after work will be fine with me. i guess i have to reduce my outings/eating out to save up money.but still our plan is on. its not like i cant spend at all like forever...

B:Owh forgot u hv to save up money. haaahaa, then its ok la. when u hv already saved enough money, then only we go eat out together..

A: ???....(Then u just have to wait for me like year from now)
f a t i h a t i e
Gotten myself a new friend today

A practical student from uitm S.Alam,

name Hazira (Ira), 21 years old, single n available

hehe promote ke..

Later in the evening, Kak Zue visited me in the room

She also chatted with Ira, when Kak Zue asked Ira how old is she

Then i asked Ira to guess how old is Kak Zue

Kak Zue told me not to tell Ira her age

Then Ira promptly guessed Kak Zue's age is 25

and i could stop hiding my unbearable laughing face..

When i first met Kak Zue, i thought her age is around 35

But actually she has turned 40 last thursday...
I've met her sister who is 46 but looks like 38 to me..
How astonishing is that...

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f a t i h a t i e
Presentation of my proposal~this friday
Window shopping with mom (window shopping je ke?)
Bachelorette's nite at wani's~next month =P
Going back to kampung in kelantan
Finishing my labwork~by 31st of Dec 2008
f a t i h a t i e

f a t i h a t i e
Got tagged by AD..
Dunno whether to answer this or not but hey wont be losing anything rite hehe..

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
Long distance relationship hehe.. we.. very very good friends...

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
Treasures friendship, strong hearted, thoughtful, kind, & more of a listener? hehe

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
Tried to think of one, but i think there r too many...

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
said I was her bf..it has changed..well we r bff..hehe

5. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
pengsan hahah

6. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will…
hey, come back!! hehe marah tanda syg=P

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on…

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is…
we’re merely acting =P

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
be with her before she is taken..isk3... sadness crawling in my heart..(now i understand somebody's feeling=(

10. The overall impression of him/her is…
wont say goodbye to her friends=)

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Previously: Bila dia ni nk berenti ckp & gelak???
Currently: Dia nie x de mulut agaknya

12. The character of you for yourself is?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
somewhat emosional

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
who else???=P

15. For the people who care about you, say something about them.
You guys are my strength who keeps me going on...thank u from the bottom of my loving heart..

16. Eleven people to tag:

huhu hate to fill this..not enuf of 11 ppl, so here it goes...

8. wani
9. wani
10. wani

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
with me? haha

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
err? they r together u idiot (i meant dat to the question=))

20. How about no. 5 and 8?
hello??i just anwered dat

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
how to be a lovable art teacher?heheh

22. Is no. 4 single?
single & available

23. Say something about no. 6
darn cute=P (expecting a treat) hahaha


I cant do any labwork today..1st:cz the raw material hasnt arrive yet,2nd:the second raw material hasnt been synthesized by kak ami for me yet..

I've finish my presentation for next week (btw Dr ismail EL today), which means i havnt gt the chance to show him my slides..

I sat for nearly ~9hours reading a book-an academic book( wooo wan nurulfatihah reads academic book huh) n read a novel when i cant bear the first book and it rotates until i felt sick..and i was like..

y do i feel like i'm wasting my youth with just seating??? although i'm actually reading but i just felt soo restless like this..

uhm no, i'm not complaining again,


f a t i h a t i e

I waited all day after sms'ed Dr Ismail, my supervisor..
Later in the evening as i was packing my notebook, he came to my room

Dr Ismail: Er kenapa yg sms hari jumaat tu eh (muka blur2)
Me: Jumaat? (Double blur)
Dr Ismail: Td awk sms sy ckp psl jumaat?
Me: Jumaat? mn ada Dr.. (Aku ada slh anto msg kat org lain send kat dia ke?)
Dr Ismail: *mengeluarkan hp nye)
Me: (Tetiba haku terhengat!!!)Oh ye..Dr...F R I tuuu...mksud saya free FREE...bile Dr
free, sms sy...hehe sori dr, miscom..
Dr Ismail: (gelak) xpe..sok pg la jumpa sy..

When I told the stories to mansur n wani, still I couldnt stop laughing...
cant he use comman sense? or am i not making any sense?

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f a t i h a t i e

doesnt mine he is=)
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f a t i h a t i e

Live every second

and seize the moment...

and it will keep u going on...
f a t i h a t i e

I dont know why, but these past few months, I've turned into a passive,quiet, introvert kind of creature
Sometimes I cant stand myself, I want to let it all out, free myself but there's something just not right with the situation
sometimes I wish I can yell it all out bt it stucked in my throat, in my chest, in my head
how awfull
this is not me
I'm very sure they are hikmah i not yet discover
bt the reality is that the tunnel has made transform me into sumting dat is not me
but i'll be ok
f a t i h a t i e

Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my,
baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you
I promise you, I will
I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music, feel the air
I'll put a flower in your hair
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

jason mraz feat colby caillat
f a t i h a t i e
Yesterday encik Rizal (one of the RO) took the modem after giving a breathtaking explaination to us..
It was hard for him to give reasons y director want it dat way
but he was called up by director take it from us
Seems like he didnt agree with director too
I thought chew hung will protes bt she just kept it calm
that evening after finishing my proposal, we got out early from there
i guess we were hurt and didnt want to stay there much longer that evening
furthermore chew hung wanted to give me a treat so we decided to be far from aotd radius.....

i'm thinking of next monday's agenda
chew hung will be in upm
she already discuss the matther with her supervisor n she said she didnt mind if chew hung wanted to move to upm to do all of her work
errrrr.... i'll be ms. lonely then..

next monday, I have to go to ukm to submit my proposal on 8.30
get back to aotd to do some lab work
n go back to ukm to take the assigment question that the previous lecturer assigned us to do (which i dont think he will be so rajin to put it as early as 8.30)
and i think i'll stay at ukm for the rest of the day to do my assigment

we assumed that we are not welcome in aotd n that we should go out to do our computer work...
i must be thank full for that
for i have my own freedom in my own way now
but anyhow, i'll inform fr ismail of my whereabouts...
i only work for myself n for him

I'm sure other master students in other institutional universities are not treated this way
here, they were also uneasy if we photocopied some journals using the photostat machine
seems like i'll be melepaskan geram on this topic here for quite some times..

n yes, i am emotional
f a t i h a t i e

There was a devision meeting yesterday in AOTD which includes all the staff except us the students

As i arrive today, CHew HUng told me dat she heard, Dr Lim wanted to take away the modem. She also dint know clearly why, bt it came up in yesterday's meeting.

I didnt feel anything as i tot it was jz rumours n i wasnt interested to argue or think abt it since i have much more larger problem to think abt.

later, in the evening, i went to c my supervisor, Dr Ismail to discuss abt my proposal dat was rejected by Dr Rusli.. After d discussion, Dr Ismail talked to me abt d internet issue.

I just got back frm HQ b4 meeting him. It was hot outside. Being inside his office with his broke down air conditioner, i felt like my heart, head n face is burning hearing what the issue was all abt.

He said dat it was brought up in the meeting by i dont know who bt he refered 'mereka' n org IT. Actually Choo bought the modem by the permission of Dr Ismail, n Dr Ismail had nothing againts it but 'mereka' dislike it. errr????why now?Choo had bought it last july. why now???He bought it for the three of us, so it can fascilitate us with internet accomodation since Chew hung had problem to access internet cz there was just 1 internet line before.At dat time, i didnt exist in aotd yet.

Dr said to me that 1st, they want to cut electric cost.. DAMN IT. Does modem/ internet connection has sumting to do with electrical bills???It was supposed to be internet bills. They wanted us to share the line, n use it when we have the urgent information to search for.


2nd, the IT man cant detect which student acces which page since the internet conection is splitted to 3 for choo, chew hung n me...bongok tetapi benar.


3rd.They want us to collect info from the HQ MPOB library or our university library...Which Lee (another master student) said dat she heard from Dr Lim dat "Biar mereka , master student, kena bersusah sikit, bukan senang2 je, n just dapat info dari interet.i cant help bt think is Dr Lim behind all this?Was he saying those things cz he's jz the messenger or is it originally from him?


I said to Dr Ismail dat what if the 3 of us are in urgent condition where all of us need to us internet connection??? He said dat he cant say much in the meeting but he'll try to do sumthing abt it later on, bt now, we have to keep the modem 1st. When he said that we have to go to the library n learn to gain the info the hard way, i told him "bagus la kalau itu reasonnya"(cynically, bt dr ismail seems nt getting the message since he asked me to repeat wut i said again haha), i actually meant to say, do they really meant for us to get the info from the library?or is it just a just an excuse for them to take away the modem?

damn it

I felt weird for this thing to happen..who do they think we are???kuli batak yang siapkan projek aotd utk tujuan habiskan master study saje?( excuse my french)...wut i meant is that, although we are pursuing our studies there in aotd, the task we r doing, r for them too. for their benefits too...

oh my goodness...
these ppl are sick...
f a t i h a t i e

I envy those who have a loving father
take good care of them..

i'm ill
f a t i h a t i e

i skipped class today..it's the last class for the semester..
hd nvr skipped any clas this semester, dont know y today i drove back home..
jz plain lazy, i guess...
i hope there aint any assignment..
i hvent completed my other 2 assignments yet
i hv been working on it since World War II
i tried to finish it but the question given were too hard..huhu
plus i'm very bad at writing
i write/think like a sloth (well dats a very extreme example, isnt it..hehe)
the information are all there but i'm just so lembaps!!!
bt dat doesnt mean dat i'm giving up
my goal is ito complete them this week..
insya allah
f a t i h a t i e
i will not ask for his help ever again for the rest of my life

i maybe stupid bt i'm not dumb for repeating it again ever

i am injured
f a t i h a t i e

the unfit me

Yesterday, i had half full cup of nestum at 7.30am(which i dont really fancy as a breakfast)
Chicken chop (plus coleslaw plus fries) at 1pm which taste bad...the sauce is bad..the chicken itself was fried with lots of 'tepung'...n when you peel the crispy tepung, u can find thick lemak inside...n there it is the thin skinny chicken meat inside...uuurrrgggghhh..due to starvation, i ate it anyway, peeling off the outer part all the way...n the chicken taste a lil bit funny...huhu

Then Chew Hung bought me a piece of blueberry cheese cake (well, i dont know why she gave me a treat...generous she is...), i ate it in the evening after class...

at home, i dun have time to eat, i had to go for a meeting on 8 at pj with Chew Hung n Gwen so i had to rush cz we planned going together...

I already felt the slight headache during the evening class...
It got a bit worst on the way to pj..
in the meeting, i was ok at first but through the end of it, i'm counting the seconds for the meeting to end...
On the way back they asked me to rest n sleep before we arrive n split up at my parked car somewhere in town..
After they greeted me goodbye, n i started the engine

i couldnt stop thinking if i could drive the car in that kind of condition..
but i had to...
The headache was unberable
Then i start feeling like i'm going to throw out but i had to withstand it...huhu
When i reached my taman, the feeling of vomitting was even stronger
I told myself that i was almost there
it was a time when my mouth produce a kind of saliva, a kind of saliva that u know is part of process before u vomit n i know i will throw out evntually...
the saliva produced was too much but i just cant swallow it
I wanted to throw it outside but i was afraid to stop my car in the dark roads
n i did it, i cant endure it any longer n i vomit the things i ate before in the car
eeeeewwww i knoe...it aint nice at all
with ur hands on the stearing n ur mouth, tring not to make it not spill the seat by collecting it in ur hands n throw it on the alas kaki (god my englis sucks heheh)..it was extremely terrible
at the same time i stopped my car at the side of the road cz mansur was callin, i picked up the phone telling him i will call back n i spoke to will in the middle of vomitting..huhu
I remember to switch to N gear when i stopped the car but didnt press the break pedal n the car was still slightly moving
haha as soon as i realize it that i pressed the break pedal immediately

at home, my brother was stunned seeing my pants n car seat covered with puke...
I washed up the seats n stearing n gear holder(hahah it was all over) with my brother
Actually he wanted to borrow my car, dats why he helped..hahah

Then i got changed n swallowed anti-migrain tablet
My mom always take it if she had tis kind of headache, but she doesnt suffer migrain..hehe weird huh

I sms chew hung n gwen i've arrived...
today chew hung adviced me to c doctor..hmmmmm
she said i better c d doc for body check cz its not the first time
n i should build up my immune system
hehehhe she also suggested me a few supplements...

Actually..its inherited..
my mom has it
my aunty has it,
n now..me...
Mom used to almost collapse due to low blood pressure
had headache...feels like vomitting n all...

it is when we eat less or we delay our makan time...
n if mom is too bz, n got tired, n she eat less or delay or skip meals
it will worsen the situation

Its a nitemare..really..
the headache is the most unbeareable part
sometimes u cant sleep unless u take ur medication
i dont know y i experience tis more often dis days...
i already had 3-4 terrible experienced like dis
n other times, i only had headache but i just rest at home
its not too bad when i'm not going out or having some agenda at nite
most of the time the headache always start in the evening (sometimes in the afternoon) n get worst at nite if i didnt get some rest...

my mom said we had 'angin'..lots of it...
WHen it goes up to ur head, then the phenomena started


i wish not to have this angin..
but i cant eat a lot
cz if i do, i will suffer- stomach bloated n laziness to do work
hahaha kidding ...excuses for not eating too much........

f a t i h a t i e

Long time ago, I had a friend who was my former room mate. We were in matriculation study at dat time. We were getting along fine as roomies until nearly the end of the year, out of a sudden, she acted weird towards me. She slammed her things on the table in front of my face (we shared the same table), slammed the door and almost every thing which has the kinetic energy to be blowed violently. Yup it sucked big time. I forced my self to study in other place. To tell the truth, I cannot actually concentrate on my studies n even in my prayer..hehe damn I was deeply effected by her doing. I have another 2 room mates, but they were not treated that way. Actually thet don’t give a damn to her cz she used to have problems with the other two room mates too but worked out ok soon after. My friends told me not to care, but I just hate to be in that situation. And it’s not a good thing in islam too…

Actually, I cant remember how it ended up to the truce conversation. It was too hurtful dat I hope not to remember it (hahah). I cant remember if i did asked her why she was so biadap to me (hehe dats a strong word =P). I think i did asked her what the whole fuss was all abt. I did remember in that conversation was that she apologized to me and I apologized to her too but I told her dat I need to know what was it that I did wrong? She said to me that she forgive me but she will not tell what’s the issue. (Forgive me for what?? )I demanded her to tell me bt it was no use.
I think that was the first time I had the feeling to slap someone in their face.

I really think she had serious issue(s)... since she had bad records with other friends too.

Afterwards, it was going ok, a little bit awkward but ok.

Things would not be the same as before but it’s better than the silence fight.

I forgave her little by little although i told her i accept her forgiveness..hahah healing needs tym laa...

On the last day of matriculation life, my parents came to fetch me n my things. I didnt expect my friends to help me bring down my things but surprisingly, she was there helping me volunteerily (plus sincerely). While my other roomate was busy showering. i wasnt expecting the other one to help but, frankly speaking, the tendency of being handy between the both of them switched and wasnt as i thought...

weird huh..

I just wanted to say that forgiveness is very important..it's a symbol of ukhuwah n humbleness in our everyday lives..n there's no profit of being 'bodoh sombong' at all..instead we'll be respected by others insya allah...
Only god knows wut i did wrong or why her brains messed up=))
maybe i was too cute or too nice to her..hahah

In this month of virtue and blessing, i wish everybody a wonderful syawal...
Maaf Zahir & Batin..
Salam Aidilfitri from atie=)

f a t i h a t i e

After finishing up my work, I decided to continue reading a novel. A novel I started reading it a year ago. I think I stopped at page 50+ and now, I’m continuing it. It’s a great book though. But why hadn’t I finish it? Hahah… I am a terrible procrastinator. But now, once I’ve started, I can never stop loving to read IT. Lonesome like me have to have something to fill in right. I love reading good novels. It’s in me, but procrastinate is in me too. Haha. I want to change that. This year I decide to read much more.

I come to understand it. i believe i have that DNA in me. i believe i restrained or saving a little for myself...cz i knew once i started to get serious, i'd be so into it, i can never stop liking/loving it.

hmm i wonder why D stopped writing in her blog now...i'd love to here frm her...
f a t i h a t i e
I wish i can go to the place i like without having an occasion to celebrate or anything. it would be cool rite to be in touch with nature like the beach or sumwhere nice n cozy. Taking pictures. would be cooler if i hv the photography skills rite.. berangan jers. i dont hv the 'geng'.
f a t i h a t i e
Sempena bulan Ramadhan yg bakal tiba, atie ucapkan Selamat Berpuasa dan Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua...Harap dimaafi...Atie doakan kesejahteraan dan kebahgiaan semua semua semua skali=)
f a t i h a t i e
Chew Hung n I were gossiping this evening abt a married couple in AOTD..
(boleh tahan gak amoi ni bergosip)
I was telling her they dont seem like a couple
Since the woman is pregnant (i think she's gonna burst anytime heheh), i always see them walk separately, the woman will be walking a head of her husband (thank god it's not the husband a mile a head la kan)
but the point is, i was a lil bit suprise to know dat they r husband n wife..
cz i cant c their chemistry (haha perlu ke?)
that was just an opinion, i really dont noe them in person
Who am i to judge right

I browse through AOTD website cz Chew Hung doesnt remember the women's name correctly
We went one by one over every RO's picture
we've got the women's name n i was still browsing through other RO pictures

me: owh RO ni dah habis maternity leave eh
Chew HUng: yup. minggu lepas
me:dis RO pulak wat degree kt ukm rupenye.....RO ni lak bla bla bla bla
Later I exited the wab site to see a female picture,smiling full of grace on my notebook's wallpaper, then i said

me: RO ni plak?
Chew Hung: RO water

f a t i h a t i e
"Happy birthday atie! semoga pjg umur n dmurahkn rezeki serta lakukan sst yg
mberi makna pd pningkatan umur ini..."~Diyana

=)Insya Allah..i'm counting on this one...

Hv u ever feel like wut u choose in ur life is just so right for u, e.g. ur job, ur love once, a.k.a wutever u have chosen?

Well i think this is for me...insya allah..i'll nail it..maybe it's who i am, who i wanted to be because it's destined for me..I've been waiting patiently all this time..cz if it's true it's definitely worth waiting for..

...sumtimes(all the time=)), in life, u just dont know wut the outcome will be, but u just hv to go for it wishing it will turn out fine..but it it doesnt, the processs of trying will always go over and over again until u find IT...

insya allah

f a t i h a t i e
I was surprise to c these three cuties this evening...apparently mom 'borrowed' them from kak umi for a while..I think it was ystrday dat i utter i wish i could c dina, zarif's lil sister, cz i've nvr met her since she was freshly born..n when they came i was swept away by afif's smile...fuh bisa cair...just dont become a heartbreaker when u grow up sweety..

Baby Dina & Zarif yg comel

Irdiena Uzma

Afif sgt kacak!!!

Afif~wavy hair-nice huh...=P

Afif~January 2007

Zarief~January 2006

The cute zarif vs the hansome boy Afif~ who's ur vote? hahah

f a t i h a t i e
I cant answer it. I am blank.

for the time being...
I wish i have the natural passion and skill for educational writings purpose.
I suck big time in this field.
But i'm trying=)

I'm seeing flowers of hope, happiness and eternity.
f a t i h a t i e
I have no spirit to do my work today
with my stomach cramp and everything cramped up~mentally & physically
I just want to seat doing computer work but pls...no labwork
I think i am sepi here in aotd
How sad that may sound
To worsen, Chew Hung is not around today
She has classes to attend at upm
Choo is not much of a help
it's typical him
So absorbed with wut he's doing
He wont realize if there's an explosion even if it's happening next to him
And if i were to do lab work
it is pretty much of a sepi too
Other research assistants hv their own place outside of my small working lab
Could i say that there's just no fun here
well research is boring but the environment doesnt hv to
Actually the ppl here arent so boring, but everyone has their own work i guess
Owh i miss socializing
Now I find myself not longing for weekend like i used to went i'm in shah alam anymore
I just wish 5days a week is enough for me to complete my weekly target
I wish time isnt that fast...

I've been stupid for the past 2 days
or maybe the word immature is softer than stupid
I wish I can rewind and erase it back
But i couldnt
So i just have to live with it..present ...
and look fwd

Actually this morning i came here with the motivation to finish my second batch testing
but to my absolute frustration, i couldnt find the key that kak ani always keep at her desk
Therefore i couldnt enter pesticide lab and continue my work
With my stomach cramp I went up to the lab 3times but i couldnt find kak ani anywhere
...maybe she's late today
After being keciwa, i force myself to do my proposals instead

I bumped into kak ani just now
now i can do my labwork

i'm running out of time...

f a t i h a t i e
Diyana is in town!!
in malaysia to be exact.
Looking forward for the meet up.

For someone who is lazy like me
Pursuing master is a very hard job
well nobody said it's going to be easy anyway=P

I have to speed up
before October next year arrives..
f a t i h a t i e
Life as a student is as usual
Boring yet challenging if i should say=P

Boring n sleepy during lectures as well as typing proposals
chalenging for the part of research as a whole
plus, to stand the sleepinessness needs courage right?

I am currently trying to understand my research work
And the learning process has no fullstop
Now, it's in the initial state

I think my supervisor in mpob is cool
He's just too cool
i just like him
I hope he's not much of a pain in the a**

Nowadays u'll see much of me with a guy
a chinese guy
He's a student too
His name is Choo
We r under the same supervisors
If u c me, u'll c him and vice versa
Actually I have no intension to be seen most of the time with him
but it just happened that way
it's fine

i have another friend named Chew Hung
but i always address her as Loo for her surname
So here I am having LooChoo friend in mpob
So total up, we have Atie Loo Choo...
God I can't stop smiling over the spontaneous conversation
about their names on the phone with mr mansur
f a t i h a t i e
Yep tmrw is my birthday...I only have less than 15 minutes of my 23 years...but the clock is ticking...and counting... Arrrggghhh

hehehe over dramatic i am

I dont mind for tomorrow...
I just wish every single words of my prayer will come true
Insya Allah
f a t i h a t i e
It's been 5 days being in this new shoes...
It'll be a very very hard job
Well nobody said it's going to be easy right
Good luck u
f a t i h a t i e
1 minit yang lalu, apa anda buat?
Peaked if there’s any nu entry in wani’s bloggie.

1 hari yang lalu, apa anda buat.
Went to UM. Gossiping with Sarah, Linda & Aina at kopitiam. See Ain in UM to lend her my kurung. Went to see Dr Rosli discussing abt the registration. Rushing to pusat Computer to take my pin number, tp ngan bengongnye didn’t go to PPS to activate my pin number for online registration. I stupidly tried to register online anyway. Then i realize dat it's 5pm and I couldnt make it to PPS to activate it. I didn’t know I’m pretty. I mean pretty dumb=))

1 hari lagi apa anda akan buat.
Hmm See Fae to pass to her some stuff to my ex-collegue.

1 orang yang terakhir menelefon kamu.
My mom.

1 makanan yang baru dibeli.
McD Fries+Onion Ring for two? hehe

1 barang yang baru hilang.
Office swipe card . but I’ve found it back.haha dat doesn’t count right.

1 cerita yang baru ditonton.
Incredbly Hulkie.

1 hal terakhir yang digossipkan.
A friend who devastatingly likes to shows off and very very sickly annoying.

1 kata yang ingin diluahkan.
I'm happy *fullstop*

1 buku yang sudah dibaca.
Erm. Whats’s dat? huhhuh

1 penyakit yang sering datang.
A terrible procrastinator.

1 keinginan.
To be skinny..hehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehe
Kidding. To be fit n healthy for my mom.=)

Aku baru perasan soalan dalam BM, aku bantai BI, bley?
f a t i h a t i e
Pendaftaran pukul 9-4
x bersiap pun lg

Cereal & milk breakfast in the morning
x pernah rase sesedap ni
*opening the fridge to slice some grapes into the bowl*
f a t i h a t i e
Counting down for another 3 more days
Next week will be the audit week for GMP
From monday till friday
(perlu ke nak audit masa aku nak resign...nice timing)
Though i dont have to take the responsibility for the findings later on,
these 3 days will not be something i'm looking forward to during my final days there.
I hate audit.
I hate there + the audit.
f a t i h a t i e

Hari ini saya membantu keluarga teman lelaki saya di rumah mereka.
Adik perempuan teman lelaki saya akan melangsungkan perkahwinannya esok.
Di rumahnya, saya terpandang seorang lelaki yg kerap memerhatikan saya.
Setiap kali, dia tersenyum apabila memandang saya.
Saya rasa dia sudah terpikat pada saya.
Saya pun rasa ingin tersenyum melihatnya dia tersenyum.

Sebenarnya lelaki itu adalah dia..
Tapi sesungguhnya, dia seperti baru pertama kali melihat saya.
Saya rasa dia sangat comel begini.
f a t i h a t i e
I think Jusco bukit raja's fitting room has a damn tipu-punye-image mirror.
Coz i looked thin only in the mirror at jusco bukit raja.
I'm crazy

...i have to tell myself to stop eating too much
f a t i h a t i e
I never thought that kind of feeling will ever exist in me.


=) The anticipation of 9th of july which is around the corner is very erm abidable
hehh macam la dah dekat...
However the feeling to get lost from hear is so strong that i'm afraid i'm not ready for the so called excitement of pursuing my master studies....
but honestly, I cant wait for that too...
I pray everything will work out fine for me
Insya Allah...


It's saturday
and I'm in the office right now
completing my work
unfinished work
I cant bear the screen no more
I wanna go home
f a t i h a t i e

f a t i h a t i e
Owh it's june
hehe counting down is my recent hobby right now
The whole month of june will be just in the blink of eyes, isn't it..
I do hope so..
f a t i h a t i e
Friends come n go...
And i think i've lost a friend somewhere in the sweet n bitterness of hoe
Actually i 'm not losing any,
but i think i might.
i wish i wont.

liyana has resigned last friday
there werent any sad stuff to feel about before
but now, suddenly this strange feelings crawls in
... interpreted as SAD...
to not have her around anymore.
sad ke...*coughing*

...and i have another 5 weeks to sunk in.
but i'm happy.
Never been better i should say.
f a t i h a t i e
It's 25th of may already
...Almost half a year
It feels like yesterday dat I left 1st of january 2008

up to here
it left me thinking what have i achieved for the past 5months
and also what am I planning for the following 7months.

f a t i h a t i e
My company is reorganizing...
Seems like 'they' up there has stopped acting like there knew nothing about the
company's increasing turnovers recently...

i only talk about work work & work lately
How boring is that

On top of everything
Semoga dgn pemergian ini
akan memberikan kesan yg baik utk diri sendiri &
perubahan baik pada tempat yg akan kutinggalkan...
f a t i h a t i e
I've tendered my resignation on the 23rd last month.
But it'll be 3 months to go before my last day...
such a pain in the ***
ooopppsss sorry=)

And I just knew this morning that New Zealand adds some more requirements for the product regisration.
Double ouchhh
o yeah not some, but plenty plenty plenty
And with the existing products for m'sia, and other countries,
with this 2 validation chemist and only 2 hplc
I doubt it will work out smoothly
My colleague sort of discuss this matter to our boss
in hoping that she would hire more ppl in the team
but the word uttered by her was reschedule the products
Oh my dear big boss, we think u ought to reschedule your department

I dont want to be in the non-goverment sector anymore
truth be told
f a t i h a t i e
Perbuatan jahat sesuatu yang dihina

tapi kalau tak berbuat baik?

Apakah hina jua...
f a t i h a t i e
I was about to print information on some journals (not related to work at all) in the office using the wasted papers when i thought dat it is not worth doing it. Then i used new A4 paper anyway...


Went to see Dr Sharifah in UM after work yesterday.
And an appoinment with Dr Ismail of mpob next monday.
I'll spill that later.

working on saturday and an emergency leave of personal matter next monday..
just feels right. right?

* yup If i'm not mistaken, i've been tagged by D last week. I'll try to make the best out of it.
f a t i h a t i e

I got a pressie yesterday
a brown dress
it was nice
and cute
and thank you =)

I'll be attending a waste water training at um next week
hmm nice.
Allah has always got a plan for everyone
i have somebody i have to meet there
...it's an important opportunity not to be missed

I was talking to liyana in the lab yesterday in the middle of huge hplc's.
She is resigning.
She'll be sending her letter next week.
She received an offer as a Regulatory Affairs in a pharmaceutical company somewhere in Mont Kiara.
good for her.

Let me just state here that it's not just me who is complaining.
She came later than me but she calls it off first.
It'll be her 3rd job in erm less than a year.
I hope she will find her new job suitable for her.

yesterday we where mocking .. or should i say discussing haahaha
what's wrong with the company right now...
no not right now
but forever
i was finding the right word when both of us mentioned the word
"tak organized'
hahah no seriously, it is very very true...
at least for for the R&D and validation part
i honestly think RnD and validation are an interesting field but please..
not there.

For me
even i'm not yet wherever-i'm-destine-to-be
i think insya allah i already have the picture.

I think I know where i'm supposed to be heading

People say that don't put so much hate to something, cz maybe one day u'll be liking/loving it.

f a t i h a t i e
I think i'm going to collapse...

But i know i can't...
f a t i h a t i e
Walaupun dia dah buat atie loya dan mual di office
tapi atie tau atie akan kenang kesan dia sepanjang hidup atie
Kesan ape?
Kesan baik kot...
Perlu ke?
Pelik tetapi benar

Hate to admit it but everything I do to prove I'm good
really shows that she meant something towards my future
uwekk uhuk3 *coughing*...

I take the challenge and for that reason I'm here until now

But no matter how hard u try, it just doesnt seem enuf to her

The soft side of me sometimes tells me that she did what she did for our own good

But whatever it is there's just something about her that makes me feel
she doesnt deserve to be respected.

The immaturity just turns me OFFFF

And the most nauseating time is when she complement you like you soo valuable, but u know
she just cant lose u for the sake of the company, for the fact that it's hard to find a replacement and to train 'em. O yeah u dont have to train them if they're experienced, o yeah I forgot u have to pay more for the experienced one.. ooppppsss


I just cant keep it professional in here and i dont care
f a t i h a t i e
Akhir-akhir ini...

Hujan kerap membasahi bumi...

Stereng kereta masih kedap dalam genggaman...

tapi pemandangan hadapan kabur

kerana titis-titis hujan di cermin

yang tak hilang selagi wiper tak digerakkan

Menekan minyak seperti kurang yakin

bukan kerana hilang arah

tapi bimbang terlalu yakin

Lalu aku masih di situ

Sebenarnya x berganjak dari tadi

Di dasar hati paling dalam

sejarah sesekali datang tak dijemput

bezanya masa sudah bergerak ke depan

dan sudah lama kutelan

Kitab baru sudah

dan ingin melangkau

tapi cuma belum sampai

Insya Allah...
f a t i h a t i e
Yeah i missed dat election. Am not a good citizen. But knowing the results, I have no feelings at all about it. But being in Selangor, I feel a bit weird right now.Lets hope for the best after the switch..Lets just wait and see..

Whatever it is, I think POLITICS SUCKS no matter who the winner is.
f a t i h a t i e
This week.. at work.. during working time

I get caught offguard surfing jobstreet by my boss..

Almost get caught being on the phone at working hour somewhere secluded with my hon...


and I also I dreamed of my boss

Double DAMn
f a t i h a t i e
They say, instead of complaining, you ought to try to make it right

and always seek for Him...
f a t i h a t i e
Lusa ada NPCB Audit....
Sbb atie x tau ape2... Sbb atie baru belajar sikit je... sikit sgt...

...pertama dan terakhir...
f a t i h a t i e
Last month, my 7 years old female student was fighting with a male student about how many friends she has. She kept on talking and talking about her BFF at school and how much she hates boys. I asked her what is BFF. hahah how could i not know.

Because it's quite lame, dats y i didnt know the meaning of it.hahah.

I just thought to pin up this one.
Today ,I went out with wani for a belated birthday celebration.
teehheeeee 2 months late.
better late than neva.
Had nothing to do there.
Cant shop with aint enuf money right.
So we went to the cinema to watch Jumper instead.

Hayden Christensen is erm beautiful.
Ouuuuuchhh =P

But the movie was erm i dont know... at the end of it we were like
"Erm is that all?? with all the jumping here n there??"
With the dubious ending between David and his mother,
is there gonna be jumper II and III??

An ice cream, a shawl and Christensen were satisfying hahah
f a t i h a t i e


BAru sampai umah magrib tadi dari Damai Laut, Lumut.


It was FuN=)

and now I'm drain out...

kalau g seminggu, leh jadi lidi..hehehe

dan purse plak, leh jadi nipis...


Hmm booked two studio room apartment...

Found nobody to bring along until the day before the trip

when Liyana's rnd lab technician, Nurul interested to join..

We went for archery, canoeing, and dats all...

hehe so few activities in 3 days...

Most of the time we took pictures around the place and

rest in our own room...??=P

I strongly remember the second evening when they were to tired to go out,

my roomate was in another room

and I wish my one bestfriend was there joining us cz she'd go strolling out with me if I asked her to...

BUt it was ok, it was fun...

I wish I could have more memories like this in the future...

..to release the steam out of the system once a while...

f a t i h a t i e
Sempena bln Feb, Atie nk nyanyi lagu ni
Sekuntum mawar merah, sebuah puisi
Utk gadis pilihan
Di bln February....
hehehhehehe tetibe jer.

Macam x percaya pulak dah tahun 2008.
Dulu masa thn 2000, terfikir camne agaknye 200+ nnt...
Dah 2008
Dah nak masuk 24. =P
Tadi biler dgr lagu yg sama (bkn lagu di atas tau hiks) diputarkan kat radio thn lepas, baru terfikir...
Dah setahun dah usia lagu ni,
Dah setahun berlalu...
Dah nak 24 rupenye aku ni...

Minggu lepas, Selasa-Khamis, Atie g training HPLC...
Suke blaja hplc.
Plus dapat Cert.
*Cm bebudak dpt candies plak =P*

Jumaat sampai esok pulak ade stock take
saket leher
saket pinggang
saket tulang belakang
Skaet tulang
ehehe merungut plak...
x puas hati pulak company amek hari ahad utk kerja..

Isnin -rabu dpn kije...
Kamis-Sabtu me will go for a vacation.
With Liya & Akma a.k.a Kema
Am looking forward for it...
Akceli plan Liya bw kwn liya & atie bw kwn atie... Atie terpiikir nk bw LInda ms tu...
tp x jd sbb liya nak bw 2 org kwn dia
Atie mmg x kesah sbb Liya yg dpt kan tmpt vacation tu for free...
Tp skrg sorang kwn liya pulak x dpt g, n Liya soh atie ajak Linda plak...
huhu igt Linda ni rebound ke...
nasib mmg x bgtau linda dr awal
Dah try ajak linda tadi tp atie terlewat...
Linda ada kenduri & reunion...
Klu atie ajak awal2, atie pasti linda akan tolak sebarang rancangan lain...
x pe la...nk buat mcm mn...
pasrah jela...
nak ajak wani, tp ati yakin dia ada family plan, mesti blk penang punyer...
nak ajak Sarah, tp dia br balik dr UK, rs cam dia x minat plak nak join...
But I'll give it a try, klu dia x nak pun x pe...It's a long shot anyway...
nak ajak Diyana, tp dia kat Ireland...
(hehehe nak jugak tu)
X mungkin pulak yg tu...heheheh

i desperately need to do some shopping...
tp x de teman plak... g sorang2 x best...
tp nak g gak..
dekat je jusco bukit raja ngan umah
tgk rambo sorang2 pun ape slhnye
siannye tgk muvi sorang2
x la, x g tgk muvi.

PS: As I grow older, I meet many kind of friends... I'm thankful that I 'm lucky to accidentally (by fate) to meet the good ones...
f a t i h a t i e
To tell the truth, I dislike what i'm doing here after all this 6 months...
I was holding on so tight and I'm thinking of letting go...
I dont have any future plans on expanding my experience in this area so I guess I dont want to waste my time anymore...
Though another 6 months might make a difference.
Yep, i know... a year of experience in this area can be a stepping stone to other chemistry related field.
I couldnt stand another 6 months...
So far, I think I suck as a chemist...validation chemist..
I may not be remembered as a good chemist here...Because I really am not.
But I believe I would if I'm not entitle as a validation chemist...=))))))))))
Insya allah

Deep in my heart...
I try to find one (at least) one good criteria in me as an employee that might be remembered here...
hmmm....*thinking hard till my head cracked*

The issue is am I ready to take the risks?

ps: the pay is not part of the issue anymore=)
f a t i h a t i e
Went for a job interview last week in a food packaging company...
It was ok...yet hmmm..I did an unforgivable mistake with my expected salary in my cv..DAMN~
A silly mistake...I should have put higher...hahaha...
Hmm lets just c how the outcome next week...
Lied to my boss that my car broke down just to go to the interview...
A playfull employee as I can be....
I proudly admit that..yeay!

I wonder how am I going to take a leave next tym for other interviews...

I think I'm becoming materialistic each n every day for the sake of everyone...
sue me.

It's my call.
f a t i h a t i e
Hari-hari pun rasa mls nak g kije!!!
x suke!
x suke!
x suke!
f a t i h a t i e

Teacher Fatihah: What r u holding in yr hand?
Brian: Sweets.They r for Jeanna n Mika.
Teacher fatihah: Ok. They havnt arrive yet. u can give it to them once they r here.

Jeanna walking in.

Brian: This is for you.
Jeanna: erm thank you.
Teacher fatihah: y didnt u eat it Jeanna?
jeanna: ... I have to ask my mom's permission first if i want to eat it. She said, I'll get allergic if I eat sweets. ( ellergic or ellergy Jeanna? heheh)
Teacher Fatihah: Do u want to ask her now? She's still outside of the class.
Jeanna: uhum.

Jeanna approching the glass door asking for her mom's permissiion.
Her elegantly stunning mother smiled n nodded at her.
She popped in the sweet in her mouth happily.
Happily allergic.

Teacher Fatihah was amused.
f a t i h a t i e
Actually, I seriously dunno wut to tell. Cz anything I might tell will not be dat interesting=P. So i guess i want to just ramble.

I just arrive back from Computertot at 10. Accompanied ayah to tesco, and fetch my adik from his friends house.

My cousin, kak Liza is here. visiting I guess. she's downstairs in front of TV.

My work at Computertot today is pretty much acceptable. hahah, I wonder wut I meant by 'acceptable'. actually i hate today's lesson as much as the kids do. yep. It was abt Online websites & internet. Damn it was boring. and yes, some of the students were very stubborn & hot tempered. kids r kids. They can be so sweet or they can be the other way around. huhuh. either way, i'm just not so good with children. hehehe

My collegues at computertot said to me that they think that I am ' baik sgt' and 'budak baik'. Damn. I get that a lot. i want to not take it as a compliment.hahah.My collegues at my fulltym work also kinda said dat to me just because I helped a collegue of ours which they dislike to be frens with. I told my mom, and she said dat "it's in the family". Suffer for the comfort of others. Damn,is it so.. ? Damn. yeah maybe, sumtimes. but for the record, helping closefriends dont count =)

I have nothing more to talk abt. The serious thing revolving in my head is very uncertain, so it's better for me not to tell. I'll spill the beans when it's really happening.

Kak liza, has come up. Sleeping like a log in my bed=P.
o yeah, she's working in shah alam too, but our house are quite far from each other.

We have another rnd chemist name faezah. She's a fren of Liyana. She should recomend all of her UITM friends to make up a big UITM team here.hahah.

Liyana. One of my friend dat i can also call a true friend. She made me snap back to reality. I thank her for reminding me not to be so 'hanyut". hahah. That's wut friends are for right.

Life is full of fantasy. fantasy u created urself...

he or she..

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