f a t i h a t i e
Gotten myself a new friend today

A practical student from uitm S.Alam,

name Hazira (Ira), 21 years old, single n available

hehe promote ke..

Later in the evening, Kak Zue visited me in the room

She also chatted with Ira, when Kak Zue asked Ira how old is she

Then i asked Ira to guess how old is Kak Zue

Kak Zue told me not to tell Ira her age

Then Ira promptly guessed Kak Zue's age is 25

and i could stop hiding my unbearable laughing face..

When i first met Kak Zue, i thought her age is around 35

But actually she has turned 40 last thursday...
I've met her sister who is 46 but looks like 38 to me..
How astonishing is that...

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2 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    r u that new anonymous lady in my blog? hmmm...i think so...
    eh...pesal xbuat aku as an example kat sini...ekekekekek...bajet muda lah konon...haha

  2. ALFATTAH Says:

    hehe cz kakak ni jauh lebih takjub lah..cam lg muda 10thn bg aku..ko plak, paling muda aku rs 17kot..hehe..

he or she..

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