f a t i h a t i e
Chew Hung n I were gossiping this evening abt a married couple in AOTD..
(boleh tahan gak amoi ni bergosip)
I was telling her they dont seem like a couple
Since the woman is pregnant (i think she's gonna burst anytime heheh), i always see them walk separately, the woman will be walking a head of her husband (thank god it's not the husband a mile a head la kan)
but the point is, i was a lil bit suprise to know dat they r husband n wife..
cz i cant c their chemistry (haha perlu ke?)
that was just an opinion, i really dont noe them in person
Who am i to judge right

I browse through AOTD website cz Chew Hung doesnt remember the women's name correctly
We went one by one over every RO's picture
we've got the women's name n i was still browsing through other RO pictures

me: owh RO ni dah habis maternity leave eh
Chew HUng: yup. minggu lepas
me:dis RO pulak wat degree kt ukm rupenye.....RO ni lak bla bla bla bla
Later I exited the wab site to see a female picture,smiling full of grace on my notebook's wallpaper, then i said

me: RO ni plak?
Chew Hung: RO water

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