f a t i h a t i e
I've tendered my resignation on the 23rd last month.
But it'll be 3 months to go before my last day...
such a pain in the ***
ooopppsss sorry=)

And I just knew this morning that New Zealand adds some more requirements for the product regisration.
Double ouchhh
o yeah not some, but plenty plenty plenty
And with the existing products for m'sia, and other countries,
with this 2 validation chemist and only 2 hplc
I doubt it will work out smoothly
My colleague sort of discuss this matter to our boss
in hoping that she would hire more ppl in the team
but the word uttered by her was reschedule the products
Oh my dear big boss, we think u ought to reschedule your department

I dont want to be in the non-goverment sector anymore
truth be told
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