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Long time ago, I had a friend who was my former room mate. We were in matriculation study at dat time. We were getting along fine as roomies until nearly the end of the year, out of a sudden, she acted weird towards me. She slammed her things on the table in front of my face (we shared the same table), slammed the door and almost every thing which has the kinetic energy to be blowed violently. Yup it sucked big time. I forced my self to study in other place. To tell the truth, I cannot actually concentrate on my studies n even in my prayer..hehe damn I was deeply effected by her doing. I have another 2 room mates, but they were not treated that way. Actually thet don’t give a damn to her cz she used to have problems with the other two room mates too but worked out ok soon after. My friends told me not to care, but I just hate to be in that situation. And it’s not a good thing in islam too…

Actually, I cant remember how it ended up to the truce conversation. It was too hurtful dat I hope not to remember it (hahah). I cant remember if i did asked her why she was so biadap to me (hehe dats a strong word =P). I think i did asked her what the whole fuss was all abt. I did remember in that conversation was that she apologized to me and I apologized to her too but I told her dat I need to know what was it that I did wrong? She said to me that she forgive me but she will not tell what’s the issue. (Forgive me for what?? )I demanded her to tell me bt it was no use.
I think that was the first time I had the feeling to slap someone in their face.

I really think she had serious issue(s)... since she had bad records with other friends too.

Afterwards, it was going ok, a little bit awkward but ok.

Things would not be the same as before but it’s better than the silence fight.

I forgave her little by little although i told her i accept her forgiveness..hahah healing needs tym laa...

On the last day of matriculation life, my parents came to fetch me n my things. I didnt expect my friends to help me bring down my things but surprisingly, she was there helping me volunteerily (plus sincerely). While my other roomate was busy showering. i wasnt expecting the other one to help but, frankly speaking, the tendency of being handy between the both of them switched and wasnt as i thought...

weird huh..

I just wanted to say that forgiveness is very important..it's a symbol of ukhuwah n humbleness in our everyday lives..n there's no profit of being 'bodoh sombong' at all..instead we'll be respected by others insya allah...
Only god knows wut i did wrong or why her brains messed up=))
maybe i was too cute or too nice to her..hahah

In this month of virtue and blessing, i wish everybody a wonderful syawal...
Maaf Zahir & Batin..
Salam Aidilfitri from atie=)

f a t i h a t i e

After finishing up my work, I decided to continue reading a novel. A novel I started reading it a year ago. I think I stopped at page 50+ and now, I’m continuing it. It’s a great book though. But why hadn’t I finish it? Hahah… I am a terrible procrastinator. But now, once I’ve started, I can never stop loving to read IT. Lonesome like me have to have something to fill in right. I love reading good novels. It’s in me, but procrastinate is in me too. Haha. I want to change that. This year I decide to read much more.

I come to understand it. i believe i have that DNA in me. i believe i restrained or saving a little for myself...cz i knew once i started to get serious, i'd be so into it, i can never stop liking/loving it.

hmm i wonder why D stopped writing in her blog now...i'd love to here frm her...
f a t i h a t i e
I wish i can go to the place i like without having an occasion to celebrate or anything. it would be cool rite to be in touch with nature like the beach or sumwhere nice n cozy. Taking pictures. would be cooler if i hv the photography skills rite.. berangan jers. i dont hv the 'geng'.

he or she..

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