f a t i h a t i e

I got a pressie yesterday
a brown dress
it was nice
and cute
and thank you =)

I'll be attending a waste water training at um next week
hmm nice.
Allah has always got a plan for everyone
i have somebody i have to meet there
...it's an important opportunity not to be missed

I was talking to liyana in the lab yesterday in the middle of huge hplc's.
She is resigning.
She'll be sending her letter next week.
She received an offer as a Regulatory Affairs in a pharmaceutical company somewhere in Mont Kiara.
good for her.

Let me just state here that it's not just me who is complaining.
She came later than me but she calls it off first.
It'll be her 3rd job in erm less than a year.
I hope she will find her new job suitable for her.

yesterday we where mocking .. or should i say discussing haahaha
what's wrong with the company right now...
no not right now
but forever
i was finding the right word when both of us mentioned the word
"tak organized'
hahah no seriously, it is very very true...
at least for for the R&D and validation part
i honestly think RnD and validation are an interesting field but please..
not there.

For me
even i'm not yet wherever-i'm-destine-to-be
i think insya allah i already have the picture.

I think I know where i'm supposed to be heading

People say that don't put so much hate to something, cz maybe one day u'll be liking/loving it.

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