f a t i h a t i e
I have no spirit to do my work today
with my stomach cramp and everything cramped up~mentally & physically
I just want to seat doing computer work but pls...no labwork
I think i am sepi here in aotd
How sad that may sound
To worsen, Chew Hung is not around today
She has classes to attend at upm
Choo is not much of a help
it's typical him
So absorbed with wut he's doing
He wont realize if there's an explosion even if it's happening next to him
And if i were to do lab work
it is pretty much of a sepi too
Other research assistants hv their own place outside of my small working lab
Could i say that there's just no fun here
well research is boring but the environment doesnt hv to
Actually the ppl here arent so boring, but everyone has their own work i guess
Owh i miss socializing
Now I find myself not longing for weekend like i used to went i'm in shah alam anymore
I just wish 5days a week is enough for me to complete my weekly target
I wish time isnt that fast...

I've been stupid for the past 2 days
or maybe the word immature is softer than stupid
I wish I can rewind and erase it back
But i couldnt
So i just have to live with it..present ...
and look fwd

Actually this morning i came here with the motivation to finish my second batch testing
but to my absolute frustration, i couldnt find the key that kak ani always keep at her desk
Therefore i couldnt enter pesticide lab and continue my work
With my stomach cramp I went up to the lab 3times but i couldnt find kak ani anywhere
...maybe she's late today
After being keciwa, i force myself to do my proposals instead

I bumped into kak ani just now
now i can do my labwork

i'm running out of time...

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