f a t i h a t i e

what am i to do other than just be a friend

a lending ears

a supporter

pray it will all be good for u

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f a t i h a t i e
Went jogging at tasik celaka (tasik cempaka) last Saturday with my mum..well mum only walked..she cant use too much of her ligaments nowadays..
Went home to drop my mom, had a short breakfast n drove to the nearest perodua workshop for a car service
Arrived there at 10am..

Dressed in my jogging attire & sportshoes, I sat waiting outside in the sweltering hot afternoon n dampened long sleeves t-shirt.. a cold bath would really do me a favour..but obviously dat couldnt be happening..I brought along a novel with me for the purpose of waiting..it will be quite a wait, right..

11am-my car is still not serviced
12 pm-not serviced yet

By noon i read the novel until i felt like i'm forcing myself to read but i couldnt stop cz it would made me sicker of waiting..my tummy was growling like a monster by 11am..clearly the crackers wasnt helping much hihi..Read more than half of the book..wouldnt done dat if it wasnt for killing the time.. at the office, i usually read it bit by bit to save it for later reading..

Only by 12.42pm a mechanic took my car for service *at last...*
and finished by 1.30pm
Phheewwww 3hours and a half
O my goodness that was really really getting onto my nerves..
I'd rather solved math prob or memorized biology facts (in an aircond room of course)

Last time i only waited for 2hours

Time to pay the bills

rm 164.60

I only have rm130
This is ambarassing..

"I think i aint enuf cash, wait a sec"

"credit card is acceptable here"

*who do u think i am, do i look like i have one??*

A customer sitting beside me pretended he heard nothing

Later, my knight of armour came to the rescue
which was my very very sweet n thoughtful brother he is *sarcasm tone*
well thanks to him..he was quick
if the youngest brother was asked to go
i might reach home walking instead of him reaching the wokshop
*think of a sloth*

I payed the bills n went home

Last time i went for a car service, it only caused me below 50 ringgit..
hmm not this time..Ought to bring more than rm200 next time
o yeah, & my 'credit card' as well
yeah right!

My brother squint at the receipt n the sparepart changed n asked me to send my car to other wokshop after the warraty with perodua is done in the future..

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f a t i h a t i e
Kdg2 sy kelam kabut

Seperti ibu saye

The reason why sumtimes my father have to be very patient with mom but he doesn't have dat ability at all & at all...
f a t i h a t i e

Aku cam pelik la,

Sibuk hal org part 1:

Nape skrg ni trend org bertudung yg pakai brooch mutiara yg panjang tue pakai kat dagu.

X ke nmpk cam janggut? Sakit mate sungguh

Walaupun kalau katekan Wardina yg pakai camtu pun tetap nmpk cam klaka

Pe kena ngan aku nie

Hal remeh plak


Sibuk hal org part 2:

No offense

tp nk ckp gak

Nape masa majlis tunang, lelaki (bakal suami) kena hadir

bukan nak kata sbb kena ikut adat tp

the truth is...







lagipun lelaki tue takde peranan pulak dlm majlis tue

lelaki yg sarung cincin ke?

ke lelaki angkat dulang hantaran?


Sibuk hal org part 3:

Kenapa org buat sesuatu yg sedia maklum tak baik, kerana itu adalah dirinya dan tak mahu hipokrit

Tp pd ms yg sama mencemarkan imej ibu bapa atau keluarga (dan juga imej sendiri)

Yg mana satu lebih penting?

Hidup utk keseronokan diri sendiri?

Tak boleh ke sekurang-kurangnye fikir utk org lain, sekurang-kurangnya sedikit?

dan kesan jangka pjg dan kesan lain yg x nmpk, x usah la dinyatakan di sini

kerana yg 'ghaib' itu yg sllnye diambil enteng

Sibuk hal org part 4:

Kenapa ibu bapa membiarkan??..

(kerana mereka sudah besar n dianggap sudah tau berfikir..kununnnya)

Kalau ianya mencemarkan nama ibu bapa,

Itu kah yg dikatakan tau berfikir?

Oops tau berfikir utk menjaga diri sendiri sahaja (bukan menjaga nama mak bapak ye)

Atau ibu bapa x boleh buat ape dah..

Tu x tau nk kate ape..

Ps: I am no saint. but I have my own stance and all these are way too much for Malaysian & muslims..

A chinese friend of mine said to me that some of these baby boomers are turning into western people nowadays. erk?can't believe it's coming out from her.

Hihi emo sorang2 je. This ranting ain't going anywhere..

f a t i h a t i e
It’s December again..Feels like a long winding year this time but i’m sure those were small test to me compared to others..It really felt like a year has passed by..Starting from dreadful experience at my former workplace which I just hesitate to state its name here up to now in AOTD..

It really feels like i’ve wasted 6 months earlier..owh i know, i’m not regretting, just reminiscing=P..I’m sure there must be hikmah behind it all..=)

Now, although it is boring most of the time, it can be coped up to hahaha..I’m thankful to have made the decision of furthering my studies. Though sometimes i feel incomplete, for i haven’t explore this one dream in my head.

I’m not going to flashback this year’s ups n downs..it will remain as memories..

I’m grateful to Allah for every second of breath i take... to my family, him n friends for their dua’ for me..It kept me stronger..

Next year, a lot memory will be created.. eventually (insya Allah)..sweet n bitter memories..Lets pray for only sweet once=P ..Talking abt the future..
» 3 of my friends will be engaged n get married the same year.
» A best friend of mine will be continuing her PhD in Australia n return home to be a UM lecturer i presume.
» Another best friend of mine will be returning back home here, bumi Mesia terchenta, n get married..oooppsssiee..to be a lecturer too.
» Hoping all my master work will be completed by the end of next year..n i can proceed on my writing early of 2010. Insya Allah

One of the lessons I’ve learn this year is: The sweetest could be bitterful and bitterness could be the sweetest=)

he or she..

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