f a t i h a t i e
Hihi got the same tagged by 2 person..haha hutang tagged lain pun byk lg..tp tagged ni menarik sbb ckp psl org yg ‘men tag’..hihi so leh la kutuk..haha

1. Rumate selama 3 thn sjk 2nd year kat Uni
2. Sgt sempoi n selamba n mudah dlm sgala hal
3. Suke tdo wakaka
4. Geng lmbt g klas, kengkadang ditinggalkan sbb lmbt bgn plus bergegar bilik ble kejut
dia hihi
5. Set ringtone alarm bgn pagi ‘my hump’ sampai sy hafal lagu tu, org sdr tdo dgr azan
ktorg dgr my hump kwang3
6. Sgt aktif & mantap, join silat, join persatuan, join sume yg ada kat Um tu
7. Apa2 news mmg dia tau dulu, then citer kat ktorg
8. Suke berjalan so, wpun dia x drive, pro giler jln2 kat kl dll tmpt yg ktorg pun x yau
hahah..suke jln dgn dia sbb dia tau sume jln
9. Dia jenis happy2 n x kesah, tp jgn disangka air yg tenang x de buaya, dia pun tau terasa
tau! hihi
10. Knp yg ske kwn ngan dia? sbb dia besh!!

1. Sy sll intai blog dia snyap2..waaaah stalker
2. Dia ni cousin sy yg muda setahun dr sy
3. Dia pun matrik Asasi Um gak (junior la kiranya)
4. Dia pun study degree kat um gak (junior lagik)
5. Amek chemistry jugak (best giler chemistry ni smpai sdara, ramai amek chemistry..bapa
pun, bakal suami pun kwang3..best giler laa sangat.......)
6. Skrg dia amek master kat um..bestnye wat master kat um huhu..
7. Mak sy kawan baik gak ngan mak dia dulu..mak sy suke puji mak dia baek hati.
8. Dulu sy igt dia sombong, tp sbnrnye pemalu kot wakaka, x de la, sy yg pemalu hihihi
9. Dia ni baik n tabah orgnye (hihi tau2 je)
10. Wpun sy x rapat sgt dgn dia, tp sy rasa dia cam best hihi

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Sudah tentu lah
n sesaper je lah
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f a t i h a t i e

Hihi, sudah lama terperap.
Never mind, enjoy the pics!
Browsing through these pictures, i know i’m going to miss all this.
Yes, I am emotional I know. haha
Ok, less talk, more pics=P

*utk ayat mengayat yg lebih pjg, sila klik sini, Ms linda, sila update part 2 haha*

Sesi perah suara:: Aina::Linda

Ms fatiha::Ms azila::Ms Linda

Courtesy of linda

Cik Linda sakan memilih udang..Makcik tu smpai x jadi beli udang sbb linda haha

Sesi masak2 di malam hari=) Best2!

Air tangan kami=P

Aik, mane lagi satu

dan tgn2 mereka hihi..ps:kepala azila yg x berjaya disorokkan wpun slps cubaan ke-151. haha

beshnya dorang main ayer...isk3

x aci, patutnya pentagon hihi

time to go home..huhu

"And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of the night in June
I Didn't know much of love, but it came too soon
And There was me and you, and then it got real blue
Stay at home talkin' on the telephone and
We would get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fairAnd this is how it feels”

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f a t i h a t i e

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f a t i h a t i e

Ayah asked me to help him tonight with his powerpoint presentation.

I’ve plan to finish jahitan manik for my dress. Looks like dat’s not going to happen tonight. Mom has finished for the alas dulang.

Alas dulang yg belum siap

I had also plan to do it last night but huhu no luck too. I spent all night booking flight tix to bandung (sampai gastrik sbb x sempat dinner bley x huhuu)..actually the booking process was easy and it’s user friendly, but we got stuck discussing the details needed like dates, passport number, etc (then it turned out that it’s not a mandatory to fill up the passport number..dem..bengongnye aku. hello, me never booked flight tix before ok.hihi.) and kak zue called sobbing abt her guy friend who is not worth waiting for. Macam2 kejadian.

At first linda almost cancelled to go but then she changed her decision. Weeeee!! Me so bad kan. She wants to save up money but i am dragging her in..hihihi.. I tried to change her mind by discussing abt the ‘percutian bajet’ that we can plan before going for example, the transportation, hotels & mkn2 since there are 6 of us..and out of the blue she cut me in saying that she’s going cz she was thinking of buying kain there..What giggled me is when she said “mana la tau , kalau ko suruh aku jadik pengapit ko ker”..wakaka..this is amusing. I was thinking of asking her to be my bridesmaid but don’t want to utter it yet cz i’m afraid i’d change my mind hahha. But she’s the only ‘candidate’ in my mind besides wani( we’ll be needing 2 maid of honor).So, being witty i am,i told her that i was going to ask her to be my made of honor but i was saving it first (sbb lmbt lagi kan), so please go to bandung with us. I also want u girls to wear the same lace color. So buy all of those there! haha me sgt evil kan.

ok enuf, spare that fatihah. Head for the juicy part.

The happy2 thing is, we’ve booked flight to Bandung!! How’s that.hihi.me sgt over kan. Thank god MAS has a promotion, at first i was going to just go for Airasia cz there’s no choice. Airasia also offers zero fares but the travel time is frm October-jan. Huaaaa too late. Nasi pun dah terlebeh masak.we need to go there before at least Jun/July. Later after that, i knew frm Linda The Great dat MAS has a promotion too. But the sad thing is the depart tix frm Jakarta to Malaysia is at 7am?erk? (owh forget to tell that we have to travel for 2 hours fm Jakarta to bandung cz MAS only provide flights to Jakarta!)Sounds so desperate kan. Yes, I am desperate for Bandung.

The travel will be in mid of April. Just received a phone call from my Mansur saying that her sister will b engaged on the 26th of april. They change the date frm 31st of may cz there’s an important wedding to attend. I was dumbstruck at first cz i thought i can’t attend his sister’s engagement cz i thought i was at bandung at that time. Kepala pun dah x center. I got the dates all jumbled up. Have to jot them in the calendar!

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f a t i h a t i e
We have to submit progress report by 27th of feb. Thank god, i have completed it but in a different version for other purpose earlier. But still the content is the same so i’ll just have to copy and paste. I think i’ve covered everything i should do. Except for thesis writing. I haven’t started a single word. I’ve been here since 14th of july. More than half a year. Maybe too early to write but no harm in doing so. Usually ppl start writing up in final 2 semester or the last semester. And the hardworking ppl do it earlier, bit by bit. Hmm i’m neither. I think if i do start to write, that’s because either i’m sick in the brain, or i am dem bored having nothing to do. I can read journals instead of labwork if i’m bored but i’m not so into reading..truth be told. Unqualified to be an academician of anything along that field. Haha..sad.

Why am i sad. I’m not sad as being sad. I’m just sad as a matter of plain thought but it will not be resembled in my face.
I was reading this one book. Saying something like “if you want to change anything in your life, change your thoughts”. Sounds merely simple huh..simple yet so hard to do. Ahaks! “so hard?”.. hard have to be changed to “so easy” kan.. well this is just a way of thinking. Haven’t tried it yet.
I’d love to try
I’d love to be
I’d love to seize
And capture it in my hands
It’s only matter of time.

Anwar is cracking a joke as i’m typing this..He was surveying interesting places in hong kong after knowing air asia is offering zero fares tix. He blog hopping to a website of a couple who visits Hong kong just recently and complain about the husband’s stiff face. Maybe he’s a kind of man who doesn’t or don’t know how to smile much. Then he was mumbling something about maybe they are in their honeymoon. Then i ask him if the wife’s nails are red (but thats not necessary rite haha). He showed to me the pictures of the wife’s hand which arent red, but later he said “Owh, her nails are red”. And me was like “Mana nk tgk?”..

He showed me her wife’s hand.

Wearing a pair of pink gloves with reddish purple colour at the end part by the nails.

I burst in laughter; and even he can’t stand his own joke.
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f a t i h a t i e
Went to Mines with Sarah n Linda this evening.
Was awaked by sarah's text message this morning asking if i wanted to hang out..
i hesitated at first cz i knew our family was having for spring cleaning for the sake of the 1st of march=P
but after i heard that she wanted to ask abt wedding
i was like hohoho
alrite lah
seems like she IS getting married this year..
So, to save up mom's bebelness for next time,I helped polishing n cleaning the stuborn dust at the sliding door n the grills (cz we seldom use that sliding door at the side of the house, so dat's why it's erm 'ancient' hahahha)

Arrive at mines arnd 4
After uuuhhhhs & aaaaahhhs & ouchhhh (by linda & Sarah) haha
Linda bought a bracelet for azila, her birthday is tmrw
i truly am dying to buy my frens gifts for their birthday but i always procrastinate
and we are quite far..so that really helps the situation
am thinking of buying sweet n simple thingy for all of them for this bacheloresttes party this 14th
(i x celebrate valentines ok) haha perlu ke bgtau
Owh back to the story, as linda was choosing the bracelet, i saw a breast.
yes a breast..
a free thing to show which i never pray or wish to see AT ALL
it was absolutely OBSCENE!!!
The lady, an indonesian lady was breastfeeding her baby
She was wearing a round neck t-shirt
sitting on a chair with her husband standing besides her.
She lifted down her round neck t shirt exposing her full breast to the pacing crowd
to breastfeed her baby
while talking to her husband.. like she didnt know she's doing something ppl dont do (i think la)
At least, if she lift up her t-shirt frm the down end would be acceptable since it will at least cover her upper breast..
I just cannot accept her doing
which was so disturbing & humiliating
Ok enuf of that
Not so interesting at all
but non-muslim wouldnt do that right..
so i dont know why that could happen..
but it's not weird
ppl do walk naked in Singapore right..that had just happened recently..
hahaha dem
ppl were claimed to be the most civilized creature
but i'm not so sure abt that statement anymore
civilllian don't kill , that's another story
Am i ranting haha
Thanx for bearing with me..

back to the story, hahah not finished yet
We were lost on the way to the KTM salak selatan
for almost 1 hour ++
We were looking for KTM salak selatan, bt ended up in LRT universiti PJ
How's that?
uhuh feeling tired to write abt that..

After dropping Linda n Sarah, i drove back home
through fed highway
n shockingly take a right turn instead of dring straight to kajang
cz there was a car accident between the devider, n i dont know why i took the right lane, n ended at taman conaught (tmn len sen n all)
called My mansur bt got lost to
my bad huhuhu, so i get out of the madness of taman conaught n make a u turn back to kajang but stucked back in the jem, this time i stayed on the left lane

haha sorry boring3
juat wanted to say that, i got lost hahhaha
maybe 'gelap hati' for seeing the horrible free show by that lady hahhahhaa
drop that fatihah

I'm out...
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f a t i h a t i e
When to c my MUA..
It went well i guess..
I think i need to ask for a switch from black tp dark brown for my eye liner for this coming engagement.
sesuai ker..
Do i need to put the trial make up pics here..
I guess no..haha.. next time lah..

Air asia is offering free seats again!.. I'm not letting go this one for sure..=)

O yeah, a fren of mine, Alia, posted this to me..just thought to show it off here..hhihi

Already 39 days into 2009 …baru perasan
As a conclusion 2009” tidak productive sama skali
Cuba lihat dari sudut positif. Tahun ni kurang sket stress.. =P

26 – 27th Jan Chinese New Year MONDAY & tuesday
9th March Maulidur Rasul MONDAY
1ST May Labour Day FRIDAY
9TH May Wesak Day SATURDAY
6th June Agong’s Birthday SATURDAY
31ST August National Day MONDAY
7th September Nuzul Quran MONDAY
20 – 21 Sept Hari Raya Aidilfitri SUNDAY & MONDAY
17th Oct Deepavali SATURDAY
27th Nov Hari Raya Aidiladha FRIDAY
18th Dec Awal Muharram FRIDAY
25th Dec Christmas FRIDAY
1st Jan 2010 2010 New Year FRIDAY!!!!


18th Jan Sultan Kedah’s Bday SUNDAY
1st Feb Federal Territory Day (WP only) SUNDAY
8th Feb Thaipusam SUNDAY
30th Mar Sultan Kelantan’s Birthday MONDAY
10TH Apr Good Friday (Sabah Sarawak only) FRIDAY
19th Apr Sultan Perak’s Birthday SUNDAY
17th May Sultan Perlis’ Birthday SUNDAY
30 – 31 May Pesta Menuai ( Sabah ) SATURDAY & SUNDAY
1ST June Hari Gawai ( Sarawak ) MONDAY
29th June Hari Hol (Johor) MONDAY
11th July Penang YDP’s Birthday SATURDAY
19th July Negeri Sembilan YDP’s Birthday SUNDAY
20th July Sultan Terengganu’s Birthday MONDAY
20th July Isra Miraj (Negeri Sembilan, Kedah & Perlis) MONDAY
22nd August Awal Ramadan (Johor, Mlk, Kedah) SATURDAY
12th Sept TYT Bday ( Sarawak ) SATURDAY

Makin kurang stress kah?
f a t i h a t i e

gile cacat punye lukesan haha....
He: nape laki yg duduk? nape x berdiri?
She:Ermm .. ermm .. x bley ke? mana2 pun bley je.. tp laki x leh la pegang bunga itew n buat gediks2 begitu har3...;) *imagine*

f a t i h a t i e
We planned to do bachelorettes nite. Actually, it was my idea, but i hand over the responsibility to aina as the leader of the agenda. Cz majority of them are all in UM, so easier to plan. Haha though supposed we are the one who have to plan n organize it for Aina. Me, will always agree on whatever date they might propose. Insya Allah

Aina said it would be great to go to genting. Though i wasn’t so sure about that idea, I leave it to her to decide. But, after that, I told sarah abt it n she was psyched. She proposed for a sleepover at her house. Cool right? More like a virgin’s nite to me hahaha. The date will be discussed n confirmed. I bet it’s not anytime around cz aina will be getting married end of May.

Sarah said she wanted to print out an invitation card since there are just 4 of us. I am surprise dat she intends to do that. Cz i thought i was the only one who is being excited. hehe..

24 Days left before my semi-Big Day n i’m feeling erm..nebes hihi..cz it will be the first time for me, the first time for my family and the only time it will be done =)

Here is a sneak peek of my "alas duduk" sewed by Queen of my heart..mmmuuaaaaxxxx...love u mom..

Ni tak siap lagi..nmpk lagi benang2 serabut=)..well, lets save the best for the last;)
I sO in love with the organza...wish it stands up higher, hmm..(tu renda tinggi sbb me adjust b4 snappping the pic=P..
f a t i h a t i e
Marilah kita bermuhasabah atau menilai dan menghitung kembali tentang amalan harian kita. Kadang-kadang kita akan dapati amalan kita adalah terbalik atau bertentangan dari apa yang patut dilakukan dan dituntut oleh Islam. Mungkin kita tidak sedar atau telah dilalaikan atau terikut-ikut dengan budaya hidup orang lain. Perhatikan apa yang dipaparkan dibawah sebagai contoh amalan yang terbalik:-

1. Amalan kenduri arwah beberapa malam yang dilakukan oleh keluarga simati selepas sesuatu kematian (malam pertama, kedua, ketiga, ketujuh dan seterusnya) adalah terbalik dari apa yang dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah di mana Rasulullah telah menganjurkan jiran tetangga memasak makanan untuk keluarga simati untuk meringankan kesusahan dan kesedihan mereka. Keluarga tersebut telah ditimpa kesedihan, terpaksa pula menyedia makanan dan belanja untuk mereka yang datang membaca tahlil. Tidakkah mereka yang hadir makan kenduri tersebut khuatir kalau-kalau mereka termakan harta anak yatim yang ditinggalkan oleh simati atau harta peninggalan simati yang belum dibahagikan kepada yang berhak menurut Islam?
Sy tidak pasti keselurahan ini, yg sy tau, tak boleh hidangkan makanan masa kenduri arwah pada tetamu dan sememangnye jiran perlu mambantu.

2. Kalau hadir ke kenduri walimatul urus (kenduri kahwin) orang kerap salam berisi (hadiah wang yang diberi semasa bersalam). Kalau tak ada duit nak dikepit dalam tangan, maka segan ia nak pergi makan kenduri. Tetapi kalau ia menziarah orang mati, tidak segan pula salam tak berisi. Sepatutnya kalau menziarah keluarga si matilah kita patut memberi sedekah. Kalau ke kenduri kahwin, tak bagi pun tak apa kerana tuan rumah panggil untuk diberi makan bukan untuk ia menambah pendapatan.
huhu pernah kejadian org hulur sampul kosong sbb malu adat x menghulur...kengkawan, silalah dtg ke kenduriku tanpa itu semua..hadir utk memeriahkan majlis ok!=)

3. Ketika menghadiri majlis pemimpin negara kita berpakaian cantik kemas dan segak tetapi bila mengadap Allah baik di rumah maupun di masjid, pakaian lebih kurang saja bahkan ada yang tak berbaju. Tidakkah ini suatu perbuatan yang terbalik.
tak pasti pulak ada pemimpin negara yg solat x berbaju nih..

4. Kalau menjadi tetamu di rumah orang dan di beri jamuan, kita rasa segan nak makan sampai habis apa yang dihidangkan kerana rasa segan dan malu, sedangkan yang dituntut dibanyakkan makan dan dihabiskan apa yang dihidang supaya tuan rumah rasa gembira dan tidak membazir.
huhu makan mmg la kena igt org blkg, jgn main hentam je..pd pandanganku, kalau dijemput, hadirlah jika tiada aral, tuan rumah dah bajetkan makanan utk kamu2 tue..

5. Kalau bersolat sunat di masjid amat rajin, tapi kalau di rumah, sangat malas. Sedangkan sebaik-baiknya solat sunat banyak dilakukan di rumah seperti yang dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah untuk mengelakkan rasa riak.
betul2, dua2 pun liat nk wat, cam ne ni.. Arwah datuk sll pesan solat sunat subuh..dibukakan luas pintu rezeki...dan sloat sunat lain juga sgt2 dianjurkan...

6. Bulan puasa adalah bulan mendidik nafsu termasuk nafsu makan yang berlebihan tetapi kebanyakan orang mengaku bahawa dalam carta perbelanjaan setiap rumah orang Islam akan kita dapati perbelanjaan di bulan puasa adalah yang tertinggi dalam setahun. Sedangkan sepatutnya perbelanjaan di bulan puasa yang terendah. Bukankah terbalik amalan kita?
Ye, kita sgt terbalik. kepelikan sudah lama meresap ke dalam jiwa.. cewah..

7… Kalau nak mengerjakan haji, kebanyakan orang akan membuat kenduri sebelum bertolak ke Mekah dan apabila balik dari Mekah tak buat kenduri pun. Anjuran berkenduri dalam Islam antaranya ialah kerana selamat dari bermusafir, maka dibuat kenduri, bukan kerana nak bermusafir, maka dibuat kenduri. Bukankah amalan ini terbalik? Atau kita mempunyai tujuan lain.
hmm ada lojiknya.. harus rujuk pd yg pakar.

8. Semua ibubapa amat bimbang kalau-kalau anak mereka gagal dalam periksa. Maka dihantarlah ke kelas tuisyen walau pun banyak belanjanya. Tapi kalau anak tak boleh baca Quran atau solat, tak bimbang pula bahkan tak mahu hantar tuisyen baca Quran atau kelas khas mempelajari Islam. Kalau guru tuisyen sanggup dibayar sebulan RM20.00 satu pelajaran 8 kali hadir tapi kepada Tok Guru Quran nak bayar RM15.00 sebulan 20 kali hadir belajar pun menggeletar tangan. Bukankah terbalik amalan kita? Kita sepatutnya lebih berbimbang jika anak tidak dapat baca Al Quran atau bersolat dari tidak lulus periksa.
Bakal ibu & ayah sila take note ...hihi

9. Kalau bekerja mengejar rezeki Allah tak kira siang malam, pagi petang, mesti pergi kerja. Hujan atau ribut tetap diharungi kerana hendak mematuhi peraturan kerja. Tapi ke rumah Allah (masjid) tak hujan, tak panas, tak ribut pun tetap tak datang ke masjid. Sungguh tak malu manusia begini, rezeki Allah diminta tapi nak ke rumahNya segan dan malas.

10. Seorang isteri kalau nak keluar rumah samada dengan suami atau tidak, bukan main lagi berhias. Tetapi kalau duduk di rumah, masyaAllah. Sedangkan yang dituntut seorang isteri itu berhias untuk suaminya, bukan berhias untuk orang lain. Perbuatan amalan yang terbalik ini membuatkan rumahtangga kurang bahagia.
ish3, x patut sungguh.. ;)

11. Kita cukup teruja untuk meng’forward’ kan sms atau emel dalam bentuk gossip2 artis kepada kawan2. Malah kebanyakkan sms emel tersebut tidak benar dan boleh menjatuhkan maruah org lain. Tapi kenapa susah sangat nak forward emel2 peringatan sebegini kepada kawan2 kita??…..

Cukup dengan contoh-contoh di atas. Marilah kita berlapang dada menerima hakikat sebenarnya. Marilah kita beralih kepada kebenaran agar hidup kita menurut landasan dan ajaran Islam yang sebenar bukan yang digubah mengikut selera kita. Allah yang mencipta kita maka biarlah Allah yang menentukan peraturan hidup kita. Sabda Rasullullah SAW: ‘Sampaikanlah dariku walaupun satu ayat.’ (Riwayat Bukhari)
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he or she..

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