f a t i h a t i e
Sempena bulan Ramadhan yg bakal tiba, atie ucapkan Selamat Berpuasa dan Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua...Harap dimaafi...Atie doakan kesejahteraan dan kebahgiaan semua semua semua skali=)
f a t i h a t i e
Chew Hung n I were gossiping this evening abt a married couple in AOTD..
(boleh tahan gak amoi ni bergosip)
I was telling her they dont seem like a couple
Since the woman is pregnant (i think she's gonna burst anytime heheh), i always see them walk separately, the woman will be walking a head of her husband (thank god it's not the husband a mile a head la kan)
but the point is, i was a lil bit suprise to know dat they r husband n wife..
cz i cant c their chemistry (haha perlu ke?)
that was just an opinion, i really dont noe them in person
Who am i to judge right

I browse through AOTD website cz Chew Hung doesnt remember the women's name correctly
We went one by one over every RO's picture
we've got the women's name n i was still browsing through other RO pictures

me: owh RO ni dah habis maternity leave eh
Chew HUng: yup. minggu lepas
me:dis RO pulak wat degree kt ukm rupenye.....RO ni lak bla bla bla bla
Later I exited the wab site to see a female picture,smiling full of grace on my notebook's wallpaper, then i said

me: RO ni plak?
Chew Hung: RO water

f a t i h a t i e
"Happy birthday atie! semoga pjg umur n dmurahkn rezeki serta lakukan sst yg
mberi makna pd pningkatan umur ini..."~Diyana

=)Insya Allah..i'm counting on this one...

Hv u ever feel like wut u choose in ur life is just so right for u, e.g. ur job, ur love once, a.k.a wutever u have chosen?

Well i think this is for me...insya allah..i'll nail it..maybe it's who i am, who i wanted to be because it's destined for me..I've been waiting patiently all this time..cz if it's true it's definitely worth waiting for..

...sumtimes(all the time=)), in life, u just dont know wut the outcome will be, but u just hv to go for it wishing it will turn out fine..but it it doesnt, the processs of trying will always go over and over again until u find IT...

insya allah

f a t i h a t i e
I was surprise to c these three cuties this evening...apparently mom 'borrowed' them from kak umi for a while..I think it was ystrday dat i utter i wish i could c dina, zarif's lil sister, cz i've nvr met her since she was freshly born..n when they came i was swept away by afif's smile...fuh bisa cair...just dont become a heartbreaker when u grow up sweety..

Baby Dina & Zarif yg comel

Irdiena Uzma

Afif sgt kacak!!!

Afif~wavy hair-nice huh...=P

Afif~January 2007

Zarief~January 2006

The cute zarif vs the hansome boy Afif~ who's ur vote? hahah

f a t i h a t i e
I cant answer it. I am blank.

for the time being...
I wish i have the natural passion and skill for educational writings purpose.
I suck big time in this field.
But i'm trying=)

I'm seeing flowers of hope, happiness and eternity.
f a t i h a t i e
I have no spirit to do my work today
with my stomach cramp and everything cramped up~mentally & physically
I just want to seat doing computer work but pls...no labwork
I think i am sepi here in aotd
How sad that may sound
To worsen, Chew Hung is not around today
She has classes to attend at upm
Choo is not much of a help
it's typical him
So absorbed with wut he's doing
He wont realize if there's an explosion even if it's happening next to him
And if i were to do lab work
it is pretty much of a sepi too
Other research assistants hv their own place outside of my small working lab
Could i say that there's just no fun here
well research is boring but the environment doesnt hv to
Actually the ppl here arent so boring, but everyone has their own work i guess
Owh i miss socializing
Now I find myself not longing for weekend like i used to went i'm in shah alam anymore
I just wish 5days a week is enough for me to complete my weekly target
I wish time isnt that fast...

I've been stupid for the past 2 days
or maybe the word immature is softer than stupid
I wish I can rewind and erase it back
But i couldnt
So i just have to live with it..present ...
and look fwd

Actually this morning i came here with the motivation to finish my second batch testing
but to my absolute frustration, i couldnt find the key that kak ani always keep at her desk
Therefore i couldnt enter pesticide lab and continue my work
With my stomach cramp I went up to the lab 3times but i couldnt find kak ani anywhere
...maybe she's late today
After being keciwa, i force myself to do my proposals instead

I bumped into kak ani just now
now i can do my labwork

i'm running out of time...

f a t i h a t i e
Diyana is in town!!
in malaysia to be exact.
Looking forward for the meet up.

For someone who is lazy like me
Pursuing master is a very hard job
well nobody said it's going to be easy anyway=P

I have to speed up
before October next year arrives..

he or she..

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