f a t i h a t i e
Life as a student is as usual
Boring yet challenging if i should say=P

Boring n sleepy during lectures as well as typing proposals
chalenging for the part of research as a whole
plus, to stand the sleepinessness needs courage right?

I am currently trying to understand my research work
And the learning process has no fullstop
Now, it's in the initial state

I think my supervisor in mpob is cool
He's just too cool
i just like him
I hope he's not much of a pain in the a**

Nowadays u'll see much of me with a guy
a chinese guy
He's a student too
His name is Choo
We r under the same supervisors
If u c me, u'll c him and vice versa
Actually I have no intension to be seen most of the time with him
but it just happened that way
it's fine

i have another friend named Chew Hung
but i always address her as Loo for her surname
So here I am having LooChoo friend in mpob
So total up, we have Atie Loo Choo...
God I can't stop smiling over the spontaneous conversation
about their names on the phone with mr mansur
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