f a t i h a t i e
Last month, my 7 years old female student was fighting with a male student about how many friends she has. She kept on talking and talking about her BFF at school and how much she hates boys. I asked her what is BFF. hahah how could i not know.

Because it's quite lame, dats y i didnt know the meaning of it.hahah.

I just thought to pin up this one.
Today ,I went out with wani for a belated birthday celebration.
teehheeeee 2 months late.
better late than neva.
Had nothing to do there.
Cant shop with aint enuf money right.
So we went to the cinema to watch Jumper instead.

Hayden Christensen is erm beautiful.
Ouuuuuchhh =P

But the movie was erm i dont know... at the end of it we were like
"Erm is that all?? with all the jumping here n there??"
With the dubious ending between David and his mother,
is there gonna be jumper II and III??

An ice cream, a shawl and Christensen were satisfying hahah
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