f a t i h a t i e
Yesterday encik Rizal (one of the RO) took the modem after giving a breathtaking explaination to us..
It was hard for him to give reasons y director want it dat way
but he was called up by director take it from us
Seems like he didnt agree with director too
I thought chew hung will protes bt she just kept it calm
that evening after finishing my proposal, we got out early from there
i guess we were hurt and didnt want to stay there much longer that evening
furthermore chew hung wanted to give me a treat so we decided to be far from aotd radius.....

i'm thinking of next monday's agenda
chew hung will be in upm
she already discuss the matther with her supervisor n she said she didnt mind if chew hung wanted to move to upm to do all of her work
errrrr.... i'll be ms. lonely then..

next monday, I have to go to ukm to submit my proposal on 8.30
get back to aotd to do some lab work
n go back to ukm to take the assigment question that the previous lecturer assigned us to do (which i dont think he will be so rajin to put it as early as 8.30)
and i think i'll stay at ukm for the rest of the day to do my assigment

we assumed that we are not welcome in aotd n that we should go out to do our computer work...
i must be thank full for that
for i have my own freedom in my own way now
but anyhow, i'll inform fr ismail of my whereabouts...
i only work for myself n for him

I'm sure other master students in other institutional universities are not treated this way
here, they were also uneasy if we photocopied some journals using the photostat machine
seems like i'll be melepaskan geram on this topic here for quite some times..

n yes, i am emotional
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