f a t i h a t i e

the unfit me

Yesterday, i had half full cup of nestum at 7.30am(which i dont really fancy as a breakfast)
Chicken chop (plus coleslaw plus fries) at 1pm which taste bad...the sauce is bad..the chicken itself was fried with lots of 'tepung'...n when you peel the crispy tepung, u can find thick lemak inside...n there it is the thin skinny chicken meat inside...uuurrrgggghhh..due to starvation, i ate it anyway, peeling off the outer part all the way...n the chicken taste a lil bit funny...huhu

Then Chew Hung bought me a piece of blueberry cheese cake (well, i dont know why she gave me a treat...generous she is...), i ate it in the evening after class...

at home, i dun have time to eat, i had to go for a meeting on 8 at pj with Chew Hung n Gwen so i had to rush cz we planned going together...

I already felt the slight headache during the evening class...
It got a bit worst on the way to pj..
in the meeting, i was ok at first but through the end of it, i'm counting the seconds for the meeting to end...
On the way back they asked me to rest n sleep before we arrive n split up at my parked car somewhere in town..
After they greeted me goodbye, n i started the engine

i couldnt stop thinking if i could drive the car in that kind of condition..
but i had to...
The headache was unberable
Then i start feeling like i'm going to throw out but i had to withstand it...huhu
When i reached my taman, the feeling of vomitting was even stronger
I told myself that i was almost there
it was a time when my mouth produce a kind of saliva, a kind of saliva that u know is part of process before u vomit n i know i will throw out evntually...
the saliva produced was too much but i just cant swallow it
I wanted to throw it outside but i was afraid to stop my car in the dark roads
n i did it, i cant endure it any longer n i vomit the things i ate before in the car
eeeeewwww i knoe...it aint nice at all
with ur hands on the stearing n ur mouth, tring not to make it not spill the seat by collecting it in ur hands n throw it on the alas kaki (god my englis sucks heheh)..it was extremely terrible
at the same time i stopped my car at the side of the road cz mansur was callin, i picked up the phone telling him i will call back n i spoke to will in the middle of vomitting..huhu
I remember to switch to N gear when i stopped the car but didnt press the break pedal n the car was still slightly moving
haha as soon as i realize it that i pressed the break pedal immediately

at home, my brother was stunned seeing my pants n car seat covered with puke...
I washed up the seats n stearing n gear holder(hahah it was all over) with my brother
Actually he wanted to borrow my car, dats why he helped..hahah

Then i got changed n swallowed anti-migrain tablet
My mom always take it if she had tis kind of headache, but she doesnt suffer migrain..hehe weird huh

I sms chew hung n gwen i've arrived...
today chew hung adviced me to c doctor..hmmmmm
she said i better c d doc for body check cz its not the first time
n i should build up my immune system
hehehhe she also suggested me a few supplements...

Actually..its inherited..
my mom has it
my aunty has it,
n now..me...
Mom used to almost collapse due to low blood pressure
had headache...feels like vomitting n all...

it is when we eat less or we delay our makan time...
n if mom is too bz, n got tired, n she eat less or delay or skip meals
it will worsen the situation

Its a nitemare..really..
the headache is the most unbeareable part
sometimes u cant sleep unless u take ur medication
i dont know y i experience tis more often dis days...
i already had 3-4 terrible experienced like dis
n other times, i only had headache but i just rest at home
its not too bad when i'm not going out or having some agenda at nite
most of the time the headache always start in the evening (sometimes in the afternoon) n get worst at nite if i didnt get some rest...

my mom said we had 'angin'..lots of it...
WHen it goes up to ur head, then the phenomena started


i wish not to have this angin..
but i cant eat a lot
cz if i do, i will suffer- stomach bloated n laziness to do work
hahaha kidding ...excuses for not eating too much........

4 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    use lah biodisc...they have testimonial on it...i'm not kidding u, i've tried it with headaches before...and it works...seriusly. Sounds scary, but really, it works...promote lgik neh...heheheh...

  2. alfattah Says:

    u noe what, 1 day, i'll buy it, because of u (n yes because it's a good thing, we hv to share to others the good stuff rite)=).but mainly because of u hehe. insya allah i will.i promise.

  3. Skinny Legs Says:

    hehe...i'm not forcing am i? dont get me wrong k...hehehe...its really down to u... ;-)

  4. alfattah Says:

    of course no.
    friends help friends rite.
    plus its a gud thing.

he or she..

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