f a t i h a t i e

Teacher Fatihah: What r u holding in yr hand?
Brian: Sweets.They r for Jeanna n Mika.
Teacher fatihah: Ok. They havnt arrive yet. u can give it to them once they r here.

Jeanna walking in.

Brian: This is for you.
Jeanna: erm thank you.
Teacher fatihah: y didnt u eat it Jeanna?
jeanna: ... I have to ask my mom's permission first if i want to eat it. She said, I'll get allergic if I eat sweets. ( ellergic or ellergy Jeanna? heheh)
Teacher Fatihah: Do u want to ask her now? She's still outside of the class.
Jeanna: uhum.

Jeanna approching the glass door asking for her mom's permissiion.
Her elegantly stunning mother smiled n nodded at her.
She popped in the sweet in her mouth happily.
Happily allergic.

Teacher Fatihah was amused.
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