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It’s December again..Feels like a long winding year this time but i’m sure those were small test to me compared to others..It really felt like a year has passed by..Starting from dreadful experience at my former workplace which I just hesitate to state its name here up to now in AOTD..

It really feels like i’ve wasted 6 months earlier..owh i know, i’m not regretting, just reminiscing=P..I’m sure there must be hikmah behind it all..=)

Now, although it is boring most of the time, it can be coped up to hahaha..I’m thankful to have made the decision of furthering my studies. Though sometimes i feel incomplete, for i haven’t explore this one dream in my head.

I’m not going to flashback this year’s ups n downs..it will remain as memories..

I’m grateful to Allah for every second of breath i take... to my family, him n friends for their dua’ for me..It kept me stronger..

Next year, a lot memory will be created.. eventually (insya Allah)..sweet n bitter memories..Lets pray for only sweet once=P ..Talking abt the future..
» 3 of my friends will be engaged n get married the same year.
» A best friend of mine will be continuing her PhD in Australia n return home to be a UM lecturer i presume.
» Another best friend of mine will be returning back home here, bumi Mesia terchenta, n get married..oooppsssiee..to be a lecturer too.
» Hoping all my master work will be completed by the end of next year..n i can proceed on my writing early of 2010. Insya Allah

One of the lessons I’ve learn this year is: The sweetest could be bitterful and bitterness could be the sweetest=)
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