f a t i h a t i e
Actually, I seriously dunno wut to tell. Cz anything I might tell will not be dat interesting=P. So i guess i want to just ramble.

I just arrive back from Computertot at 10. Accompanied ayah to tesco, and fetch my adik from his friends house.

My cousin, kak Liza is here. visiting I guess. she's downstairs in front of TV.

My work at Computertot today is pretty much acceptable. hahah, I wonder wut I meant by 'acceptable'. actually i hate today's lesson as much as the kids do. yep. It was abt Online websites & internet. Damn it was boring. and yes, some of the students were very stubborn & hot tempered. kids r kids. They can be so sweet or they can be the other way around. huhuh. either way, i'm just not so good with children. hehehe

My collegues at computertot said to me that they think that I am ' baik sgt' and 'budak baik'. Damn. I get that a lot. i want to not take it as a compliment.hahah.My collegues at my fulltym work also kinda said dat to me just because I helped a collegue of ours which they dislike to be frens with. I told my mom, and she said dat "it's in the family". Suffer for the comfort of others. Damn,is it so.. ? Damn. yeah maybe, sumtimes. but for the record, helping closefriends dont count =)

I have nothing more to talk abt. The serious thing revolving in my head is very uncertain, so it's better for me not to tell. I'll spill the beans when it's really happening.

Kak liza, has come up. Sleeping like a log in my bed=P.
o yeah, she's working in shah alam too, but our house are quite far from each other.

We have another rnd chemist name faezah. She's a fren of Liyana. She should recomend all of her UITM friends to make up a big UITM team here.hahah.

Liyana. One of my friend dat i can also call a true friend. She made me snap back to reality. I thank her for reminding me not to be so 'hanyut". hahah. That's wut friends are for right.

Life is full of fantasy. fantasy u created urself...
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