f a t i h a t i e
Went jogging at tasik celaka (tasik cempaka) last Saturday with my mum..well mum only walked..she cant use too much of her ligaments nowadays..
Went home to drop my mom, had a short breakfast n drove to the nearest perodua workshop for a car service
Arrived there at 10am..

Dressed in my jogging attire & sportshoes, I sat waiting outside in the sweltering hot afternoon n dampened long sleeves t-shirt.. a cold bath would really do me a favour..but obviously dat couldnt be happening..I brought along a novel with me for the purpose of waiting..it will be quite a wait, right..

11am-my car is still not serviced
12 pm-not serviced yet

By noon i read the novel until i felt like i'm forcing myself to read but i couldnt stop cz it would made me sicker of waiting..my tummy was growling like a monster by 11am..clearly the crackers wasnt helping much hihi..Read more than half of the book..wouldnt done dat if it wasnt for killing the time.. at the office, i usually read it bit by bit to save it for later reading..

Only by 12.42pm a mechanic took my car for service *at last...*
and finished by 1.30pm
Phheewwww 3hours and a half
O my goodness that was really really getting onto my nerves..
I'd rather solved math prob or memorized biology facts (in an aircond room of course)

Last time i only waited for 2hours

Time to pay the bills

rm 164.60

I only have rm130
This is ambarassing..

"I think i aint enuf cash, wait a sec"

"credit card is acceptable here"

*who do u think i am, do i look like i have one??*

A customer sitting beside me pretended he heard nothing

Later, my knight of armour came to the rescue
which was my very very sweet n thoughtful brother he is *sarcasm tone*
well thanks to him..he was quick
if the youngest brother was asked to go
i might reach home walking instead of him reaching the wokshop
*think of a sloth*

I payed the bills n went home

Last time i went for a car service, it only caused me below 50 ringgit..
hmm not this time..Ought to bring more than rm200 next time
o yeah, & my 'credit card' as well
yeah right!

My brother squint at the receipt n the sparepart changed n asked me to send my car to other wokshop after the warraty with perodua is done in the future..

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2 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    heh? da dapat ke? *curious*

  2. ALFATTAH Says:

    hahah, aku memain je la..kan aku wat inverted coma tue..hihi..hampeh le aku ada credit card..allowance unqualified plak..

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