f a t i h a t i e
To tell the truth, I dislike what i'm doing here after all this 6 months...
I was holding on so tight and I'm thinking of letting go...
I dont have any future plans on expanding my experience in this area so I guess I dont want to waste my time anymore...
Though another 6 months might make a difference.
Yep, i know... a year of experience in this area can be a stepping stone to other chemistry related field.
I couldnt stand another 6 months...
So far, I think I suck as a chemist...validation chemist..
I may not be remembered as a good chemist here...Because I really am not.
But I believe I would if I'm not entitle as a validation chemist...=))))))))))
Insya allah

Deep in my heart...
I try to find one (at least) one good criteria in me as an employee that might be remembered here...
hmmm....*thinking hard till my head cracked*

The issue is am I ready to take the risks?

ps: the pay is not part of the issue anymore=)
2 Responses
  1. AD Says:

    on the authority of Al-Hasan bin Ali, the grandson of the messenger of Allah, who said: I memorized from the messenger of Allah his saying: "Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt".

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hidup ni mcm satu perjudian...ada kala kita untung n ada kala kita rugi...so we hv to take a risk to continue our life..linda

he or she..

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