f a t i h a t i e

Was on a long hiatus.
Have no mood to write anything.
Was on MC yesterday. Was so occupied with “the-so-called-prep” to even have lunch last Sunday. Ended up having a terrible headache after the late lunch at 4. Errgghhh it’s inherited.

Still having the headache on Monday morning..( x la teruk sgt..tp x larat nk bersiap)..and i seldom took MC’s..i had no bad record for frequent MC’s..text Dr and he said ok. Yeay. So, today is a Monday to me. Dr Ismail came to my room asking the sheets i left near the toilet.

Arrgghhh dem..i left it there before i entered the toilet last Friday..

He was smiling asking me wut was it i wrote at the back of the paper..dem3..

I replied (sambil tersengih cam haram) dat it was just a motivational expression. He must be scared to death when he read dat..kah3..He asked me who wrote it. And i said i wrote it myself. And he showed sign of relief. It really shows OK! Haha.. and i thought i heard him saying “ bagusla”..softly..

Dont worry Doc..i don’t have dat huge amount of money to pay back mpob. With dat amount of money, i’d rather buy a shop lot or a house or get married! Haha get married. I

wrote “Fatihah, don’t quit!” I actually wrote it cz there was too many sample to prepare on that particular day and I targeted to finish it on the same day (which was a ridiculous amount). Not because i really thought of quitting lah doctor!!!forget to clarify him more on dat. (kang byk2 explanation bunyik cam tipu pule).

Eeee bengong lah.careless gile.

I am currently working on the cards and the second dress right now.

Went back to kampong last month..found dat the rental wedding dress there is around rm100-150/sepasang. What the??Even for original songket (cz kebanyakannya songket india je di pasaran)..Can’t compare KL and KB.rite3.

PS: Congrats to Fiza on her wedding. Sorry we can’t make it.. En tunang have to work on that particular day..Last minute notice.. ISk3..

They are two practical students in our room right now. Their room is upstairs but they have to stay in our room for a while because of the self audit. They’ll be finishing their practical 9th of October. At first I thought its a short sem practical (6 weeks like Azira & Anwar)..

2 months left of practical is gonna be a short while right?... 2 months..2 months..2 months from now..less than two months from now..

Arrrggghhh..not ready yet..

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  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    sat je kan masa berlalu...huhuhuh

he or she..

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