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It’s been a while since i ever post an entry. I’ve no excitement to write anything.

Today i’m going to rant abt anything that comes across my head.

It’s been over a week that we have to check our body temperature first as we arrived at the office.

My average temperature is 37++. Still a safe reading. But i am puzzled why other ppl’s average body temperature is about 36.5 and below. Is it something to do with body metabolism because the pregnant ladies body heat is abt 36. Hehe..dont know..just an assumption. One of my friends said maybe because of my late night sleep. Haha is it true?

My wedding cards are finally done last week. Handmade cards that almost drove me insane.

My nikah dress beads work is also done. DIY shawl sewed by my mom is almost done too.

But the beads work on reception dress hasn’t. Im still working on it. Hope i can complete it in 2 weeks time.

My wedding dais is a chaos. Knew this last Friday. Let’s just say pelamin anganku musnah (because of the vendor).

Ideas are juggling in our creative mind choosing the best decision in the nick of time. tmrw evening, we’ll be meeting her to for some discussion. I wish it can be settled.

I have a conference to attend this 9th of Nov (a week after his side’s reception) . The first and maybe the last one. I actually have a seminar on the 17th of October ( 2 weeks after the big day) but i bet the application will be rejected since i didn’t present any poster or oral presentation. Bt Dr. said i will be attending with him(?) Dr it’s ok to not count me in.. plsssss=P (jerit dlm hati je la)..I hate to be there cz i’ll be alone. Single. 1. I know nobody except my SV. Eee bencinye.

Just now, Dr reminded me twice to design the poster (for the conference) beautifully. As if i’ll be painting a picture. Perlu ke lelaki remind perempuan buat cantik2..Confuse2..

And just now kak Ani said dat she was scolded by Dr because she didn’t heat the sample on the hot plate. Why do i feel like i’ve been there??? Saba je la.. kak ani fighted back that Dr never asked her to heat it on the hot plate. Well as usual Dr didn’t want to be defeated (maybe its the thing call EGOOOOOOO). He said he asked his assistant (before kak ani) to heat it on the hot plate. And dat assistant was way 4 YEARS ago. And kak ani never use the method within the 4 years because Dr never asked her to. Suddenly i feel very annoyed with all this that I want to puke. The other day i experienced the same thing. Maybe that can be accepted cz i am the so called student dat spose to know everything. But an assistant?? Come on la.. be realistic la Doc. (ok, time sebelum bulan puasa ni je la aku boleh lepas rage kat cni kan)

On top of everything, my SV knows nothing. I really want to see his expression upon giving the invitation card to him soon. Will his jaw dropped open or will he be stunted or will he be throwing out dozens of questions-that-you-hate-to-listen-from-a-SV or will he smile n congratulates me or will he give me a blank expression or he would say “Owh awk belum kawen rupanye??”...hahhahahhahaha.

Dr don’t talk too much, just come or don’t.haha.

I’m thinking too much, am I ?haha

He is not a prob.

The other lady is. Huhu i am having a nervous attack thinking of it. Kak ani said it is very very very compulsory to invite her..OMG.. I think she won’t mind if i don’t invite her cz i’m not a staff here but kak ani said it’s not proper. ADOILAA. Talking about proper, there are plenty of unproper things ppl do but i don’t give a shit PON? Ok, dah kuar topik. I have nothing against her. I am just having a nervous breakdown emblazoning the situation in her huge office. Dinasours in my stomach and fake smile of nervousness. I exaggerated=P I’ll just do it in 5 second. I’ll count. Knock2, walk in, Spit it out, hand her the card and cabut? Simple kan?? Yes2.. simple2.. I’m paranoid ain’t I..

I come to think that i become this horribly freaking out because i haven’t completed my work yet. But it’s not my fault. Today Chew hung informed me dat HPPS instrument cannot be used for another 2/3 months. WT..??? When i was in the industrial sector, it never took 3 months for the supplier to fix an instrument??

Aduss..impianku musnah utk siapkan kerja awal. Igt pas kawen leh tulis tesis jek?? Huhu kite hanye merancang....

A good friend of mine used the word ‘tabah’ n i think she doesn’t know that it means a lot to me at the moment. The thing is ppl don’t know that, ber tan2 kilometrik semangat telah mama dan dia berikan to me to be at this stage.

5 Responses

  1. Sarah Says:

    I feel like I'm reading my future..

  2. Skinny Legs Says:

    hmmm...this is wat u call LIFE! ^^'

  3. soul krasty Says:

    Life is just a bowl of cherries..

  4. fizz~yes ouch..

    Sarah~it's nt dat bad pon..saje merapu sini=)

    Skinnylegs~the moral of the story is ade sekadar kate semangat sudah memadai & dihargai...

    azuwan~Cherry tak sedap. Cherries lg la yucks.hihi

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