f a t i h a t i e

This morning participants of cosmetic course will be allocated in aotd, branch of mpob. Last 2 days were theoretical session at HQ. And the rest 3 days of the course are hands on session.

Funny dat last 2 days they were not given masks at HQ. But here the management distributed masks to the staffs and the participants. Maybe the increasing number of death is starting to trigger them. Furthermore the haze is starting to promote again. So y not wear it. Double purpose.

Walking to my room i heard this one lovable clerk with a box full of masks screaming to another colleague

“student pun kena bagi ke?”

And i was like ??

Students aren’t human??



I couldnt care less.but i wonder if i was there near her, would she shout dat confidently?

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he or she..

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