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We have to submit progress report by 27th of feb. Thank god, i have completed it but in a different version for other purpose earlier. But still the content is the same so i’ll just have to copy and paste. I think i’ve covered everything i should do. Except for thesis writing. I haven’t started a single word. I’ve been here since 14th of july. More than half a year. Maybe too early to write but no harm in doing so. Usually ppl start writing up in final 2 semester or the last semester. And the hardworking ppl do it earlier, bit by bit. Hmm i’m neither. I think if i do start to write, that’s because either i’m sick in the brain, or i am dem bored having nothing to do. I can read journals instead of labwork if i’m bored but i’m not so into reading..truth be told. Unqualified to be an academician of anything along that field. Haha..sad.

Why am i sad. I’m not sad as being sad. I’m just sad as a matter of plain thought but it will not be resembled in my face.
I was reading this one book. Saying something like “if you want to change anything in your life, change your thoughts”. Sounds merely simple huh..simple yet so hard to do. Ahaks! “so hard?”.. hard have to be changed to “so easy” kan.. well this is just a way of thinking. Haven’t tried it yet.
I’d love to try
I’d love to be
I’d love to seize
And capture it in my hands
It’s only matter of time.

Anwar is cracking a joke as i’m typing this..He was surveying interesting places in hong kong after knowing air asia is offering zero fares tix. He blog hopping to a website of a couple who visits Hong kong just recently and complain about the husband’s stiff face. Maybe he’s a kind of man who doesn’t or don’t know how to smile much. Then he was mumbling something about maybe they are in their honeymoon. Then i ask him if the wife’s nails are red (but thats not necessary rite haha). He showed to me the pictures of the wife’s hand which arent red, but later he said “Owh, her nails are red”. And me was like “Mana nk tgk?”..

He showed me her wife’s hand.

Wearing a pair of pink gloves with reddish purple colour at the end part by the nails.

I burst in laughter; and even he can’t stand his own joke.
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