f a t i h a t i e
When to c my MUA..
It went well i guess..
I think i need to ask for a switch from black tp dark brown for my eye liner for this coming engagement.
sesuai ker..
Do i need to put the trial make up pics here..
I guess no..haha.. next time lah..

Air asia is offering free seats again!.. I'm not letting go this one for sure..=)

O yeah, a fren of mine, Alia, posted this to me..just thought to show it off here..hhihi

Already 39 days into 2009 …baru perasan
As a conclusion 2009” tidak productive sama skali
Cuba lihat dari sudut positif. Tahun ni kurang sket stress.. =P

26 – 27th Jan Chinese New Year MONDAY & tuesday
9th March Maulidur Rasul MONDAY
1ST May Labour Day FRIDAY
9TH May Wesak Day SATURDAY
6th June Agong’s Birthday SATURDAY
31ST August National Day MONDAY
7th September Nuzul Quran MONDAY
20 – 21 Sept Hari Raya Aidilfitri SUNDAY & MONDAY
17th Oct Deepavali SATURDAY
27th Nov Hari Raya Aidiladha FRIDAY
18th Dec Awal Muharram FRIDAY
25th Dec Christmas FRIDAY
1st Jan 2010 2010 New Year FRIDAY!!!!


18th Jan Sultan Kedah’s Bday SUNDAY
1st Feb Federal Territory Day (WP only) SUNDAY
8th Feb Thaipusam SUNDAY
30th Mar Sultan Kelantan’s Birthday MONDAY
10TH Apr Good Friday (Sabah Sarawak only) FRIDAY
19th Apr Sultan Perak’s Birthday SUNDAY
17th May Sultan Perlis’ Birthday SUNDAY
30 – 31 May Pesta Menuai ( Sabah ) SATURDAY & SUNDAY
1ST June Hari Gawai ( Sarawak ) MONDAY
29th June Hari Hol (Johor) MONDAY
11th July Penang YDP’s Birthday SATURDAY
19th July Negeri Sembilan YDP’s Birthday SUNDAY
20th July Sultan Terengganu’s Birthday MONDAY
20th July Isra Miraj (Negeri Sembilan, Kedah & Perlis) MONDAY
22nd August Awal Ramadan (Johor, Mlk, Kedah) SATURDAY
12th Sept TYT Bday ( Sarawak ) SATURDAY

Makin kurang stress kah?
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