f a t i h a t i e
Went to Mines with Sarah n Linda this evening.
Was awaked by sarah's text message this morning asking if i wanted to hang out..
i hesitated at first cz i knew our family was having for spring cleaning for the sake of the 1st of march=P
but after i heard that she wanted to ask abt wedding
i was like hohoho
alrite lah
seems like she IS getting married this year..
So, to save up mom's bebelness for next time,I helped polishing n cleaning the stuborn dust at the sliding door n the grills (cz we seldom use that sliding door at the side of the house, so dat's why it's erm 'ancient' hahahha)

Arrive at mines arnd 4
After uuuhhhhs & aaaaahhhs & ouchhhh (by linda & Sarah) haha
Linda bought a bracelet for azila, her birthday is tmrw
i truly am dying to buy my frens gifts for their birthday but i always procrastinate
and we are quite far..so that really helps the situation
am thinking of buying sweet n simple thingy for all of them for this bacheloresttes party this 14th
(i x celebrate valentines ok) haha perlu ke bgtau
Owh back to the story, as linda was choosing the bracelet, i saw a breast.
yes a breast..
a free thing to show which i never pray or wish to see AT ALL
it was absolutely OBSCENE!!!
The lady, an indonesian lady was breastfeeding her baby
She was wearing a round neck t-shirt
sitting on a chair with her husband standing besides her.
She lifted down her round neck t shirt exposing her full breast to the pacing crowd
to breastfeed her baby
while talking to her husband.. like she didnt know she's doing something ppl dont do (i think la)
At least, if she lift up her t-shirt frm the down end would be acceptable since it will at least cover her upper breast..
I just cannot accept her doing
which was so disturbing & humiliating
Ok enuf of that
Not so interesting at all
but non-muslim wouldnt do that right..
so i dont know why that could happen..
but it's not weird
ppl do walk naked in Singapore right..that had just happened recently..
hahaha dem
ppl were claimed to be the most civilized creature
but i'm not so sure abt that statement anymore
civilllian don't kill , that's another story
Am i ranting haha
Thanx for bearing with me..

back to the story, hahah not finished yet
We were lost on the way to the KTM salak selatan
for almost 1 hour ++
We were looking for KTM salak selatan, bt ended up in LRT universiti PJ
How's that?
uhuh feeling tired to write abt that..

After dropping Linda n Sarah, i drove back home
through fed highway
n shockingly take a right turn instead of dring straight to kajang
cz there was a car accident between the devider, n i dont know why i took the right lane, n ended at taman conaught (tmn len sen n all)
called My mansur bt got lost to
my bad huhuhu, so i get out of the madness of taman conaught n make a u turn back to kajang but stucked back in the jem, this time i stayed on the left lane

haha sorry boring3
juat wanted to say that, i got lost hahhaha
maybe 'gelap hati' for seeing the horrible free show by that lady hahhahhaa
drop that fatihah

I'm out...
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4 Responses
  1. linda Says:

    hahaha...aku igt aku sorg jer yg ternampak...hahaha ;)

  2. aku nmpk expresi muka ko time ko ternmpk, memula aku nk siku or bg hint kat ko, tp ko rancak memilih gelang..haha..pencemarah alam sekitar sungguh..

  3. Sarah Says:

    knp tak amik snapshot and put it in your blog? sharing is caring ape.. :P

  4. hahhaha cz x menarik giler.haha

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