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Ayah asked me to help him tonight with his powerpoint presentation.

I’ve plan to finish jahitan manik for my dress. Looks like dat’s not going to happen tonight. Mom has finished for the alas dulang.

Alas dulang yg belum siap

I had also plan to do it last night but huhu no luck too. I spent all night booking flight tix to bandung (sampai gastrik sbb x sempat dinner bley x huhuu)..actually the booking process was easy and it’s user friendly, but we got stuck discussing the details needed like dates, passport number, etc (then it turned out that it’s not a mandatory to fill up the passport number..dem..bengongnye aku. hello, me never booked flight tix before ok.hihi.) and kak zue called sobbing abt her guy friend who is not worth waiting for. Macam2 kejadian.

At first linda almost cancelled to go but then she changed her decision. Weeeee!! Me so bad kan. She wants to save up money but i am dragging her in..hihihi.. I tried to change her mind by discussing abt the ‘percutian bajet’ that we can plan before going for example, the transportation, hotels & mkn2 since there are 6 of us..and out of the blue she cut me in saying that she’s going cz she was thinking of buying kain there..What giggled me is when she said “mana la tau , kalau ko suruh aku jadik pengapit ko ker”..wakaka..this is amusing. I was thinking of asking her to be my bridesmaid but don’t want to utter it yet cz i’m afraid i’d change my mind hahha. But she’s the only ‘candidate’ in my mind besides wani( we’ll be needing 2 maid of honor).So, being witty i am,i told her that i was going to ask her to be my made of honor but i was saving it first (sbb lmbt lagi kan), so please go to bandung with us. I also want u girls to wear the same lace color. So buy all of those there! haha me sgt evil kan.

ok enuf, spare that fatihah. Head for the juicy part.

The happy2 thing is, we’ve booked flight to Bandung!! How’s that.hihi.me sgt over kan. Thank god MAS has a promotion, at first i was going to just go for Airasia cz there’s no choice. Airasia also offers zero fares but the travel time is frm October-jan. Huaaaa too late. Nasi pun dah terlebeh masak.we need to go there before at least Jun/July. Later after that, i knew frm Linda The Great dat MAS has a promotion too. But the sad thing is the depart tix frm Jakarta to Malaysia is at 7am?erk? (owh forget to tell that we have to travel for 2 hours fm Jakarta to bandung cz MAS only provide flights to Jakarta!)Sounds so desperate kan. Yes, I am desperate for Bandung.

The travel will be in mid of April. Just received a phone call from my Mansur saying that her sister will b engaged on the 26th of april. They change the date frm 31st of may cz there’s an important wedding to attend. I was dumbstruck at first cz i thought i can’t attend his sister’s engagement cz i thought i was at bandung at that time. Kepala pun dah x center. I got the dates all jumbled up. Have to jot them in the calendar!

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5 Responses
  1. linda Says:

    hahaha...ntah nyer...perlu ker????

  2. perlu la. haha. x leh idup tanpamu hihihi

  3. Skinny Legs Says:

    waaa...linda's going...want to tag along...but i'm saving up to go somewhere else...u know that kan...? and owh yeah...bout that bridemaid thingy...do we have to wear the same? erk???

  4. Skinny Legs Says:

    sorry...xde experience in this yet...hahaha...i tot MOH, bridesmaid, pengapit tuh sama je...ekekek...owh...i have to re-watch 27 dresses...to get a glimpse of how this works...hahaha

  5. hehe sorry my bad. actually MOH an d bridesmaid tu lebih kurang je. Maid of honor is more of a personal attendant. so u r my MOH la kan hihi..budaya kita kan ada pengapit. pengapit sure lain dr lain. just thought for the close frens to where a theme, but bukan kain sekayu tu la, cam boria plak. just for an example, katakan cream, they can wear beige ke, sandy ke, offwhite ke, up to them. if x nk xpe tp compulsary hahhahahaha..

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