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We planned to do bachelorettes nite. Actually, it was my idea, but i hand over the responsibility to aina as the leader of the agenda. Cz majority of them are all in UM, so easier to plan. Haha though supposed we are the one who have to plan n organize it for Aina. Me, will always agree on whatever date they might propose. Insya Allah

Aina said it would be great to go to genting. Though i wasn’t so sure about that idea, I leave it to her to decide. But, after that, I told sarah abt it n she was psyched. She proposed for a sleepover at her house. Cool right? More like a virgin’s nite to me hahaha. The date will be discussed n confirmed. I bet it’s not anytime around cz aina will be getting married end of May.

Sarah said she wanted to print out an invitation card since there are just 4 of us. I am surprise dat she intends to do that. Cz i thought i was the only one who is being excited. hehe..

24 Days left before my semi-Big Day n i’m feeling erm..nebes hihi..cz it will be the first time for me, the first time for my family and the only time it will be done =)

Here is a sneak peek of my "alas duduk" sewed by Queen of my heart..mmmuuaaaaxxxx...love u mom..

Ni tak siap lagi..nmpk lagi benang2 serabut=)..well, lets save the best for the last;)
I sO in love with the organza...wish it stands up higher, hmm..(tu renda tinggi sbb me adjust b4 snappping the pic=P..
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  1. linda Says:

    wahhh...lawa giler alas duduk...hhehehe...haah sarah ada bg tau aku pasal sleepover tu..tu r aku ckp kat sarah mcm best jer..hehehe...

  2. hihi letak sket dah kate lawa, letak byk apatah lg..hehehe, akceli lebey kurang je..ngeh3, tmbh renda jer.

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