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Semakin hari sy smakin gila melihat manik2 dlm bekas yg baru sy bli...x sbr nk tgk hasilnya nnt..


Ni try n error buat buah berry kat perca kain..buat halfway dulu..comel x dangling camni..ltk sket2 je..hihi cam nmpk je nnt..

to u with love..hiksss

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Sayang ini blog...
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Went to see my future SIL’s wedding planner last Sunday.

It went fine. She showed me her lace bought in bandung casually.

And i said it’s chantek..it is chantek.a soft gold lace with apple green lining. The green lining is beautiful.seriously.it’s not a striking apple green color but a soft one.

As i predicted, she chosed apple green and cream to match my cream dress she ask me to buy earlier. There’s only 1 design for double seater pelamin so i guess she just have to go for it. Mr m did all the talking with her sis & I just did all the nodding cz i am fine with the pelamin and was only interested for surveying mr m outfit at the boutique.

My dress is tailored n we desided to rent his outfit, but my wedding planner didnt hv the kind of dress i'm looking for, furthermore the songket she has is bunga tabur which is not good enuf for our(erm our/my?) liking..hehe

Gold baju melayu at the boutique for mr m was a disappointment.

They didn’t have the design i am wishing for..which is a gold baju melayu melayu with a songket coat (to make mr m blazing inside hehehe)

So the hunting continues.

Looking forward for KT’s road trip. it has been a while since our last road trip in march for dinie’s wedding.I recalled aina saying her wedding is 2 months away..phew ..2 months is a short period of time!

Sarah & linlin will b sleeping over at my house so dat we can set off earlier the morning hoping dat we will arrive earlier (insya Allah) n be at aina's house to lend a hand (tolong nyibuk hihi) n for her berinai session (join berinai gak leh? haha sabo2) ..yay! i am psyched..erm sape yg nk kawen sbnrnye..

Mr m n I had bought a gift for aina last saturday. She'll be loving it! hihi perasan.

Owh it's wednesday already.

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kak zue's
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Chew hung was grading her supervisors when it made me thinking...
if i were to grade mine..

SV 1: 0% ...ok maybe 5% or less......
Co-SV 2: erm 70%?
Co-SV: 25%

kejam gile
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Kak ieta tukar warna bajunya pada warna hijau!!

Akhirnya doaku dimakbulkan..

Agr kami tidak boria..lantak la sama kaler dgn akad nikahku pun, janji kawen hehehe..Arrrgghhh i’m really not into same color dress idea.

Kak ieta mulanya mahukan warna cream (and she already have cream cloth bought in Malaysia) tp sbb rambang mata di bandung, dia pilih warna hijau epal + gold (embroidery/gold corset, i’m not so sure which is gold exactly)..i wouldn’t dare wearing dat color nggeeeeee...dat color only suits cute ppl i guess..hihi...to me hijau lumut lagi best..if she were to ask me to wear hijau, i’d go for hijau lumut..hihihihi..she’ll stay cute, and i’ll keep the elegance...hahhahahhaha elegant ke..krrriiiiiiiiinnnnnggg fatihah wake up pls)..sy ske barangan.

Mulanya jugak, dia suruh saya beli lace cream dgn manik hijau..and me was like..errrr???...kalau sy bg makcik baju ni utk disewakan pd customer dia nnt, customer dia kena carik pelamin ijau pulak..menyusahkan nnt..jd cream je sudaaaahhh..

Kmudian dia kata sy pun boleh pakai hijau, tp sy dah bli cream n nak teruskan dgn cream je.

jgn mcm2.bkn majlis aku kan.
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Li(aina's fiance),MAnsur, Thoriq, Dini, MAs, SarahBad, Eree, Alya, Eda, Linda, Im, Me, Nazneem, Aina, Izyan

This is a picture of us at Dini's wedding in Kuantan..
So next!
Our destination is Kuala Terengganu!!
yippie bestnye leh jln2..

Lets do some flashbacks..(uuuu i love flashbacks!)

I can still remember the first day of my university life when we have to register our entire subjects by ourselves. The registration starts right after orientation finished the day before (i think so hehe).. I was alone by myself pacing around..didnt know where to start and what to do..blur sgt..We have to organize our schedule ourselves..how unsystematic that would be..The subjects that could be registered online were only for other dept but not for this evil chemistry subjects..Chemistry dept was just so weird back then. It was two thousand and three. We can only use the online registration the year after that, guess they had just learn something called programming. hehe..

On that first day of registration, as i was lingering around the office,( i wasn’t in a good condition). I was caught by fever because of the hectic orientation i guess ( i think i lose a flew kilos cz of the 1 week orientation, my brand new khakis bought before the orientation hang loose in my waist, and i needed to wear belt plus orientation at 9th college,UM was the toughest of all college, ala2 kuku besi la hihi) haha enuf of that. Then, i met this chick.. She was so helpful, so nice, a typical malay girl in green kurung Kedah (but she’s from Kuala Terengganu) so loud but yet so innocent hhehe..can imagine that kind of girl? She helped and accompany my through the registration. At least i understand a little how to arrange my subjects in the schedule. She knew i was sick..i had a terrible dehydration during the orientation..felt like living in a desert with no source of water (water filter was not much in the uni back then).. Owh during the registration, we had to queue too, sometimes a few people at the end of the queue couldn’t register cz the quota was already full. So they have to line up for other subjects by another lecturer. Quite a challenging task huh. And stupid.

I didn’t take up the same subjects with aina. Maybe some. I can’t remember. But i’ll always remember her assistancy. Now she’s in UM doing master’s degree. She’s just the same. But she never wear that kurung kedah anymore. Not because it doesn’t fit her anymore (hehehe no offense) but let’s just say jeans are preferable. Hihi. She’s a bit different right now. Hmm.. more stylish..haha.. i think i rarely saw her wear even baju kurung in our third and fourth year anymore. Hihi.. But she’s still aina.. the loud n innocent. She still loves to eat Maggi mee until now. She doesn’t have a driving licence but drives a car.She’s bold n brave enuf to travel far away frm the campus. She’s still the master of cracking good jokes. Never fails to amuse us all.

And she is getting married this month.

I wrote this early this year after knowng u r getting married and reserve it until ur wedding date is confirmed.

At last, after all the thorny road, u manage to get through it all..

We lap u bebeh!

Bachelorettes so-called-party heheh..

Sarah, Aina, Azila, Syazwani, Linda, Nazneem
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1. Copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda..

2. Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini..

1. She’s my cousin’s cousin=)
2. Knew her before i befriend my cousin..University itu sgt besar dan rakyatnye sgt ramai ok!
3. She’s easy going. And nice. And generous. And warm heartd and and and...byknyeerrr...bodek ke nie....hahhaha
4. She took up chemistry, like I, like my cousin, like Mansur, like ayah..Chemistry has so many fans u see =P
5. She’s getting married too!!-- heard from 'nget' the other day=)

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya

I enjoy driving to work in the morning. Not dat i love the place i’m heading but i like the feeling of spaciousness in my head at that time=P (no matter how late i am haha..)

At home..Internet wins over the tele.

I love sewing beads and sequins.

I love photoshoping and pictures and photography. Hoping to get myself a slr one day=P

I like to write freely (a.k.a merapu). Don’t know y i write less in my blog nowadays. Those word documents drafts are saved unpublished.

I love to jog every weekends, but my partner is missing for the next 6 months due to knee injuries;P sob3...

I love to hang out with my friends..i’m missing them every day, boley?ridiculous but true.

I daydream always..thinking of my future plans.of my ambition. hahha just keep it to yourself bebeh..

I love nature.and holidays of course.

Am practising wasatiah in life..so wish me luck!

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka

Lady D-She's coming back home this july.missing u here so much.

Lady Lin-She rocks my world since 2003.

Lady Syazwani..She's designing my wedding card..feeling giddy up already thinking of the samples u made..am loving it!!! u're the best!!!you.. you.. you..u're my everything, the sun that shines above you makes the blue bird sing..haha tetibe ternyanyi lagu ni kan..

lady Sarah-She's cool. she doesnt have to try much to be cute. haha wuts dat supposed to mean anyway?

Lady Eda-She's one of the chemistry brainiacs besides us..wakaka...fatihah wake up pls..

Lady Nurul-She's my bridesmaid, she's my cousin..she's feeling nervous more the the bride..haha

Lady Aesha-She's an english teacher..and a cute one. heheh

hihi x cukup 10

less is more

wasatiah ok! haha

x de kaitan

sy sudah mengantuk dan sy x siap kerja yg perlu say email pd Dr. esok!!!

btw..thanx Mel

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Check out the Triumph & Sloggi Warehouse Sales at Jaya 33 now until 10th og may.

Products offered include:
  • Lingeries
Brands offered include:
  • Triumph
  • Sloggi
  • AMO
* Visa, MasterCard, Cash Accepted
* No Bags Allowed, Only Wallet & Purses

Time: 10am to 8pm

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Attention sesape yg tinggal di sekitar selangor..
Dan tercari2 kraftangan utk gubahan hantaran perkahwinan, hiasan bunga etc...
Let's head to Balakong.
Tgh sale up to 70%..
Toink3! tgk angka 70, nk terkua biji mata kan..hehehe
Let's c wut they can offer..
heheh cam advertisement hape je..
Visit here for more details.


Nak g usha brg gubahan dgn mama.
C u thr=P

he or she..

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