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This is a picture of us at Dini's wedding in Kuantan..
So next!
Our destination is Kuala Terengganu!!
yippie bestnye leh jln2..

Lets do some flashbacks..(uuuu i love flashbacks!)

I can still remember the first day of my university life when we have to register our entire subjects by ourselves. The registration starts right after orientation finished the day before (i think so hehe).. I was alone by myself pacing around..didnt know where to start and what to do..blur sgt..We have to organize our schedule ourselves..how unsystematic that would be..The subjects that could be registered online were only for other dept but not for this evil chemistry subjects..Chemistry dept was just so weird back then. It was two thousand and three. We can only use the online registration the year after that, guess they had just learn something called programming. hehe..

On that first day of registration, as i was lingering around the office,( i wasn’t in a good condition). I was caught by fever because of the hectic orientation i guess ( i think i lose a flew kilos cz of the 1 week orientation, my brand new khakis bought before the orientation hang loose in my waist, and i needed to wear belt plus orientation at 9th college,UM was the toughest of all college, ala2 kuku besi la hihi) haha enuf of that. Then, i met this chick.. She was so helpful, so nice, a typical malay girl in green kurung Kedah (but she’s from Kuala Terengganu) so loud but yet so innocent hhehe..can imagine that kind of girl? She helped and accompany my through the registration. At least i understand a little how to arrange my subjects in the schedule. She knew i was sick..i had a terrible dehydration during the orientation..felt like living in a desert with no source of water (water filter was not much in the uni back then).. Owh during the registration, we had to queue too, sometimes a few people at the end of the queue couldn’t register cz the quota was already full. So they have to line up for other subjects by another lecturer. Quite a challenging task huh. And stupid.

I didn’t take up the same subjects with aina. Maybe some. I can’t remember. But i’ll always remember her assistancy. Now she’s in UM doing master’s degree. She’s just the same. But she never wear that kurung kedah anymore. Not because it doesn’t fit her anymore (hehehe no offense) but let’s just say jeans are preferable. Hihi. She’s a bit different right now. Hmm.. more stylish..haha.. i think i rarely saw her wear even baju kurung in our third and fourth year anymore. Hihi.. But she’s still aina.. the loud n innocent. She still loves to eat Maggi mee until now. She doesn’t have a driving licence but drives a car.She’s bold n brave enuf to travel far away frm the campus. She’s still the master of cracking good jokes. Never fails to amuse us all.

And she is getting married this month.

I wrote this early this year after knowng u r getting married and reserve it until ur wedding date is confirmed.

At last, after all the thorny road, u manage to get through it all..

We lap u bebeh!

Bachelorettes so-called-party heheh..

Sarah, Aina, Azila, Syazwani, Linda, Nazneem
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6 Responses
  1. haslinda Says:

    huwaaaa!!!!!...syahdu nyer... ;)

  2. syahdu..dah lama x guna istilah nie...

  3. soul krasty Says:

    aina still "talkative" cm dulu lg ke?..huahua...can nvr stop talking cant she?..

  4. haha Aina is still aina=)

  5. Sarah Says:

    Haha,I love Aina. Rasa mcm baru lagi you showed me that pic of you and her and the Simpsons cos I wasn't sure who she was..

    Tetibe berair mata plak, ape ni!! ;P

  6. haha u still rmmbr dat. me pun dah x igt yg tu. ought to upload that pics later =P

    Remember how we first met? hahhahaha
    Corny la pulak..cam les je.

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