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Went to see my future SIL’s wedding planner last Sunday.

It went fine. She showed me her lace bought in bandung casually.

And i said it’s chantek..it is chantek.a soft gold lace with apple green lining. The green lining is beautiful.seriously.it’s not a striking apple green color but a soft one.

As i predicted, she chosed apple green and cream to match my cream dress she ask me to buy earlier. There’s only 1 design for double seater pelamin so i guess she just have to go for it. Mr m did all the talking with her sis & I just did all the nodding cz i am fine with the pelamin and was only interested for surveying mr m outfit at the boutique.

My dress is tailored n we desided to rent his outfit, but my wedding planner didnt hv the kind of dress i'm looking for, furthermore the songket she has is bunga tabur which is not good enuf for our(erm our/my?) liking..hehe

Gold baju melayu at the boutique for mr m was a disappointment.

They didn’t have the design i am wishing for..which is a gold baju melayu melayu with a songket coat (to make mr m blazing inside hehehe)

So the hunting continues.

Looking forward for KT’s road trip. it has been a while since our last road trip in march for dinie’s wedding.I recalled aina saying her wedding is 2 months away..phew ..2 months is a short period of time!

Sarah & linlin will b sleeping over at my house so dat we can set off earlier the morning hoping dat we will arrive earlier (insya Allah) n be at aina's house to lend a hand (tolong nyibuk hihi) n for her berinai session (join berinai gak leh? haha sabo2) ..yay! i am psyched..erm sape yg nk kawen sbnrnye..

Mr m n I had bought a gift for aina last saturday. She'll be loving it! hihi perasan.

Owh it's wednesday already.

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