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Mum was asking when shall we send kain for akad nikah to the tailor, and i was like..errr..awalnye..but logically, we have to send it now since it would take trillion years for me to sew the beads2..kan..hmm..i can imagine myself going crazy sewing the blink2..if u ask me why i do it myslef, it’s because i like it. i like doing it. Even if i can gain more dark circles around my eyes..hahah..ok dats just a hyperbole.

Mum had bought three piece of cloth of two shades of purple..light purple for the goofy head, dark purple for the youngest brother & smokey purple for ayah..I suppose the boys will be having lots of baju melayu dis year.. I thought it’s too early to buy the clothes but mum said it’s on sale right now & the colours suits our chosen family theme for akad nikah ceremony..shades of purple..Hmm suddenly i realize that, the wedding ceremony will be on the following day (bley x lupa). Will mum be buying shades of cream/gold for their baju melayu for the reception?i I guess so.. Harus ke adik2ku byk sgt baju melayu? For all this part, i hand it all to mum..ekeke.. cz i know she’ll choose the best=)..Mum didn’t fancy much a theme of 1 tone colour cz she likes to create a harmony environment by choosing different shades of a specific color. That’s why she picked shades of red on my last engagement. I didn’t notice the effect of the colous until i looked at the pictures. Choosing shades of colours will not disappoint u =) ..but it’s up to u..tepuk dada tanya selera.

We (our chemistry batch) will be attending Dini’s wedding at kuantan dis Saturday.. Dini will be furthering her PhD study in Brisbane this year. She was always the smart one back than (since we were in our matriculation year)..

Had never tried this flowery design beads..still it's cool option if u dont have enuf time to design beads of flowers urself..heheh ..ermcm x nmpk sgt je manik yg dah jht tu, puas cari hijau muda utk mix tp x jumpe..huhu..so guna je ape yg ade kt umah..

I don’t know which baju to wear 2 her wedding..her theme is gold, i have gold kurung, but i'm not her really her close fren so lets go green..my wardrobe is a boredom each and every day.. haven’t done much of shopping lately (losing the mood... maybe shopping spree mood will bloomthis coming april *wink2*). So with this current mood, let’s get creative a lil bit okay..yup the wedding is on Saturday..so don’t sleep..hahha..jk!..x kan la x tido..sape yg nak kawen sbnrnya...

I am bz typing when siew pui (the new & innocent phd studend) asked me,” r u reading journals?”.
Me:Errrr..a’ah (hahah padahal jurnal buka je tp sempat selit2 waktu menaip blog )
She: knp x print je jurnal?
Me: ink habis..
Erk..ink kt umah mmg habes ok...ptg2 yg hening dan best utk tido ni, perlu ke mengadap benda ilmiah 24 jam..hhihi
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