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Mom is all pump up since dat day..she is okay now..thank god..she was affected by her sister’s saying..uhuh family matters..no need elaboration..dealing with senior citizen can be so stressful. Some are true (a lesson to learn) & some are illogical.. dem.

On top of everything organizing a ceremony like wedding or engagement, family of future in laws must be prioritized. Looking at the bright side of that day, we made a conclusion that we had prioritized future in laws more than our relatives..maybe la haha..i hope it’s true on their side haha.. so it is supposed to be okay .. Our needs & relatives matters can be fixed or mended, but flaws with future in laws? Eeeeewwww..Imagine the uncool relationship with the in laws.. (ngan sedra sendiri, air dicincang x putus punye plus sedara mara kenal siapa kita & insya Allah terima kesilapan kita seadanya-sepatutnyala kan).. furthermore future in laws didnt know about any problems, & friends said everything were smoothly done, so... dats enuf la kan.. wut else could i ask for..Allah has made it look well to the "audience". Though my heart is burning at that time..hihi was burning (but not because of future in laws family, they r nothing but sweet & nice)

I was badly injured by ppl who overreacted regarding technical faulty & some issues dat maybe can only be accepted by modern mind. Though i seem stronger than mum, i feel like deep down i am deeply hurt..badly injured..yes i am very emotional if i am emotional. So don’t make me. It comes to the level that i told mum..

“ma, as for the wedding agenda, no salin2 baju, no potong2 kek, no ape2, just do the basics, focus on our needs especially on the photography, dats all dat matters to me..pls no adding anything!”

Haha actually i never want the cakes right from the first place..i simply said it cz it was brought up once by i don’t know who..if i do the cakes , it’s because i want the picture of us cutting the cake, not because i wanted to jamu the crowd with the cakes..hahhahahhaha..i only think abt capturing the moment with the cakes.. so wat pe berabis duit beratus/beribu for the cakes.. lagipun kek secret recipe lagi sedap hahahha

And mom was like,
ada x cake dummy, bawah je bleh makan, atas tu tipu2?”
Hahhaha tipu2 pun bkn bazir ke??mau beratus/ribu gak kan..
Huhu i don’t fancy cakes on my wedding day..but yes, it is a sweet memory to be captured. I just wanted to tabur the duit on more serious matter. It’s just me. If the cake is free from the catering or sponsored, then i’ll take it laaa..hahahah

And mom said,
“betul ke x nak salin2 baju ke?”
“kalau mama nk sponser tang tu, atie on je maaaaa” hahhahahha

To me, ada ke x de pun x pe..so, lets just see, n just think of the basics first. The basics must be well prepared and planned. I so love outdoor photo’s more than the salin2 baju..truth be told.. the outdoor with jeans & white shirt outfit..hihi berangan kan me..diffrent ppl, different taste!

The one thing that mom & i mutually agreed on is.. thingy for goody bags. No extravaganza/rubbish gifts (haha wut do i mean by rubbish gifts?? haha). something nice/useful (nice is subjective..adeh..) for the guests & focus more on the future in laws gift & the VIP’s insya Allah. (VIP bkn dato’ datuk ok..VIP i adalah org yg susah senang ngan i)..hehe..

Ps:Bila org kata majlis sederhana, maksudnya sgt simple atau sesuai dgn kewangannya...Some ppl like erra fazira kata majlis kahwin mereka sederhana, tp nmpk grand gila, sbb pe? Sbb mereka mmg kaya, so mampu nak wat pe pun..so yg mrk buat tu sederhana lah kiranya, kalau grand lagi la grand bagi mereka. What i am trying to say is, kalau rezeki lebih on je la ape2, no questions of it. I mean, dont question it la, ske hati la org nk wat pe ngan duwet dorang, bkn awk yg tanggung belanja dorang sume tu. hehe harsh gile.

Pss: Biar majlis sederhana ke grand ke x kesah lah, asalkan kehidupan lepas kahwin pun kena fikir..

Psss: lupe plak, i bought a wedding scrapbook! Buku biasa2 je. Sarah suggested on using lab book. And i was like, yg ada carbon copy tu ke? 1 for me & one copy for Mr fiancé eh? Hahahha

heart & blink2 accesories are added by the author =P.

Mr fiancé suggested on naming this book. Haha i nvr thought of that. And i simply suggested ‘our dirty lil secret wedding book’ or ‘Our wedding book’, and he chose the 1st one. Bley x? Cam x sesuai je..sbb x dirty & xde secret pon. hihi

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6 Responses
  1. haslinda Says:

    hehehe..bese r bukan sll wat majlis kenduri kendara ni...they should understand the situation..;)...dh nama tuan rumah mmg bz la nk melayan org dtg..ngn sedara mara,kekwn, jiran tetangga lg....byk bende nak kene pikir..so org lain pun kene la consider..hhehehe ;)

  2. Skinny Legs Says:

    less is more... ;-)
    bile lah wedding i ye...? ekekeke...
    wani stop berangan ok...

  3. Haslinda~ hihi ye ye.. tp hari tu bkn msalah nie hihi..tp yg cik linda ckp tu sgt betul3..hihihi sedara mara sendiri sure fhm yg tue..

    Wani~ yup less is more..mama baru ckp tu smlm..hihi..ur wedding will come eventually..insya Allah..pempuan baik camni, xkan laki buta kot hihihi..lelaki yg baik utk pempuan yg baik..lelaki yg baik x muncul lg, laki yg ada hampes belaka la tu. hihi

  4. Sarah Says:

    I totally understand what you're sayinggg. Blum pape lagi dah start rasa dahhhhhh ok!!! Tak start tearing my hair out lagi, tapi dah damn effing close!!

  5. Sarah~bkn stakat tearing ur hair out, lose weight pon bley hahha..cz tension gile.Dun worry, be heppy je.. klu pk tension, tension la jdnya..haha easier said than done..trying to comfort myself ni haha

  6. wardah Says:

    salam fatihah..

    kena ada kn lil' book ni..hehe..sbb mmg selalu je lupa apa nak buat, apa dah buat.. :)

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