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Attended dini’s wedding last Saturday. Four cars convoyed from UM and we waited for another two cars at Gombak (our chemistry batch, the seniors & juniors altogether). It seems like a gathering to me.Some of the juniors already arrived there a day earlier to witness the akad nikah ceremony.

Congrats to dini & Thoriq! Okay. Am lazy to type. Let’s head to the visuals.(utk ayatmayat yg lebeh pjg, pls visit my cousin's blog hahah)

Whoops! Forget to take the picture of her door gift..will update dat later.

hihi introduction

kumpul kat um~aina dan tunangnyer

kanak2 riang

bergambo skem dulu
Dah sampai umah dini kat kuantan~ex ex um heheh

at last

uiks seyesnyer dini

sebelum pulang
It was fun=). Looking forward for aina's wedding in may.

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2 Responses
  1. Sarah Says:

    Tak habis2 tutup mata..

  2. haha me br prasan sume gmbr sarah tdo..hehehe.. bukak mata besar2 ms E day nnt heheh, tp jgn la fake sgt hahah..

he or she..

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