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I actually draft recaps of 2007 but i couldnt make myself to publish it.. cz i couldnt make it nice.hehehe. i mean, i kinda lost the words. or maybe i am simply too lazy to type or think... hehehe...

all i can remember were...

I studied like shit. (before april)

Our chemistry batch is closer ever since the program. (may-jun)

I knew u. (jun)

I get myself a job. (Aug)

I get new friends. (Aug)

I graduated. yeay! (sept)

Diyana flew to Ireland. (Sept)

I rented 4 houses since i get the job.. the 5th is hopefully the last.. (insya Allah) (Aug-present)

I knew Liyana. (Nov)

We went to Danga Bay with the chem crew last month. (Nov)

I bought a car =) (Dec)

I'm a weekend teacher=P (Dec)

I'm currently looking for my meant-to-be job.

So i guess u know wut's my resolution for 2008;)

and yes, I need to trim back down to 47 kilos..heheh..damn..

& the rest are history..

Hepy nu year everybody!!!
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