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Pheeeeewww after almost two months sticking myself at home as a "home management trainee", hanging out with some of my friends, and a couple of interviews, i manage to get myself into the serious business..

Alhamdulillah..berkat doa semua..

First month of being unemployed, mom was worried... She was worried i'll be jobless forever and i got a bit tensed for her paranoia.. Actually she wasn't that worried but i sensed her anxiety under my skin. Rationally i told her to calm down a little so i can breathe... (not that i can't breathe, just being dramatic here=P)

Last semester, I planned to further my studies right after my i finish my degree.. and out of the blue, i decided to work first. Some of my friends were.. erm should i say stunned.. a little bit surprised because they thought i'd continue my studies first... to be frank i'm very very very lazy to hit the books again... and i dont have the passion to do academic research yet (thinking of writing journals just turns me off)...ahahhaa as if i don't need to study if i'm working... to me chemistry research is very tedious.. one need to be very determine to be a scientist in this field... furthermore i have no idea what chemistry field am i interested in.. =P yeah u can sue me.. hehehe

To Aina, Linda & En mansur=P, i hope u guys will be patient in this job hunt... don't be too worried... maybe the right one hasn't come yet...maybe it hasn't come yet because the job doesn't suits you, not because u are not qualified for the the job..hehe.. ayat sedapkan hati... n i hope i can adapt well in this job.. be it in the work enviroment and the task given itself... insya Allah... and i pray u'll find a better job with better location and pay of course=).. huhuhu jauhnye port klang... sob3x.. have to get out from my "kepompong keselesaan di kajang yg terchenta"... haha

erm mekaseh kerana memahami...=P

A great virtual friend of mine, Banji had posted an entry on the first day tips at work... thought u guys might one to sneak into his humble page for useful advice and information =)

u guys hv a nice day ok..
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  1. filantera Says:

    hai al fattah

    mmmm this is me filantera's banji's adik..

    just i think i know which company u will be working with. if u want to share some tips or have some talk, how can i contact u?(email ym...)


  2. alfattah Says:

    hello filantera
    deadly want to know which company u are talking about..
    my ym id is nur_alfatih

  3. pocket Says:

    eh... cam first time datang blog dia..
    n terpegun ngan gambo yg dia taruk atas tajuk blog tu...
    nak mintak bebila ajor kan bleh?
    skin kita sama...
    tp somehow godek camanapun tak dpt
    jgak nak taruk gambo kat kotak tajuk tu...

  4. alfattah Says:

    aik.. really? sbb x susah sgt jd cam rasa pelik sket. i think maybe ur file is too big.. maybe hv to resize it 1st...agknye la..x pasti gak nape x leh.. ok u know where to find me...

    can reach me at nur_alfatih

he or she..

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