f a t i h a t i e

I couldnt sleep last night, so i decided to write this =)

This is my mom...Her name is Wan Sharifah Wan Abdullah. And yes, our face isn't alike... =) I'm an adopted daughter... hahaha... hmm not funny.

Couple of nites ago, she was being all emotional..(haha, i guess i inherited it from her , but maybe a bit differently since she is the youngest in her family, and i'm the oldest). I was babbling about my youngest brother who was freaking out to finish up his school scrap book. A thing that piss me off about him is that he does his work last minute and he involved every family member in his problem. As I babbled, I asked my mom, was I ever this problematic upon finishing up my school work when I was in high school. Seriously, I cant remember. Mom said no. And she paused. She looked down. She was in clad (tudung), at that time. she took the ends of her clad to her eyes and put them there still. She withdrew her clad and smiled, acting like nothing happened and i was like... "Were u crying??? y were u crying???" At first i had no idea what exactly she was doing but she manage to avoid the tears from falling down her cheeks...hehe... dat's my girl... eh... dats my mom... I came to understand dat she was touched when she flipped over my high school scrap book a few years back because it was handwritten and my brother's was typed... ngeeeeeeee... Somehow she made me want to cry too...hehe... I dont feel like it was something to be proud of...=)She was just easily affected emotionally... dats all... She said she felt like I had difficult moments during school compared to my younger brothers...huhu... by the way, all of my friends wrote it by hands too mom..... hmm another thing was that she was pleased I didnt ask much help from her (there was only her if I were to ask for help), compared to my siblings who asked for EVERYBODY's help...=)=)=)... ni yg nak perasan jap ni... hehe... ok fatihah snap back into reality!!!

ok, I'm back...hehe... well that's my beloved mom...

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