f a t i h a t i e
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  1. standard operation procedure Says:

    SOP? Tertinggal U ker? Hehe... Sedap tue... S.O.U.P... =) sabar ajerlah...

  2. pocket Says:

    Saya Orang Penang ?
    heheh... so masuk QA ker? huhuuu...
    besh tu besh tu...

    tapi kan.. memang impressing kalau
    orang ingat nama kita only after one simple introduction.
    'huhuuu...dia ingat nama aku siut... besh jgak aku ni kan..heh'

    but its not wrong to be asking this.. a little awkward maybe but definitely not wrong
    'eh dik... yang baju merah ujung tu tengah duk makan donat tu namo sapo?'
    sambil 'mata' menuding ke arah subject.

  3. banji Says:

    :) definitely a good start. not to worry...

    of course u should know that learn as fast as u can doesn't necessary mean learn all on your second day. If u can do that, call me... we are willing to pay u good money huhu

    good job sis, over time, u will feel tired and lazy. thats totally normal, at this point, u will need to motivate urself. nobody else can do this... remember that it will get easier. :)

    keep us updated

  4. filantera Says:


    welcome to the world of pharma hahaha

he or she..

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