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Last month, my friends and I were having our lunch together, my friend Jay ( the most outrageous human i've ever known... ) were talking about his housemates back then ( ms muda2 dulu haha)... hmm.. He had 3 housemates... 1 of them was the angelic one (shah-bkn nama sbnr), 1 likes to stay out of fight and always seek peace (razak-bkn nama sbnr...erm bukan razak baginda) and the last one was erm... a PSYCHO... Actually, i couldnt quite get the actual term of psycho relating to his friend behaviour but after listening to his stories, I think Seman (bukan nama sebenar) is truly a psycho.


Threw away Jay's belt saying that it was old and ugly but it wasnt.

Threw away Shah's towel saying that it's worn out but its still in good condition.

Threw away all knives from the kitchen with no reasons at all.

Commented Jay's Eternity perfume smelled like car fragrance.

Scooped in fallen off hairs from the drain into Shah's shower foam. yaicksss!!!!!!!

Wow now that's way out of the line!!!

They were housemates for a few months. But apparently they cant stand him anymore. 2 of them move out.

They move out next door...hahahah...
But Jay said it was ok. They dont have to have their things thrown away without reasons anymore...

Talk about problems with housemates... I use to have a room mate back then who always had a bad history record with whomever her roomate was including me. There were 4 all of us and she had her issues with each and every one of us... Devastatingly she didnt tell me what i did wrong although I asked her so many times. She had these habit of smacking her things on the table (which i share with her), showing her moody and gloomy face if she's in her bad state and etc. She is highly hot tempered. The time with her was the black days of my life. No need to go into details. We made truce about a month after (she asked for apology) but still she refused to tell what the problem was. Being soft hearted i am, i just have to forgive her since she admit she is wrong...and she kind of said something unclear about she forgives me too but she didnt want to tell me what my fault is (huh?!). Because she always had problems with people around her, i want to assume that i've done nothing wrong, that she had issues, that she's mentally ill... and for the record I would like to state here that I was extremely MAD.FURIOUS.IRRITATED. of her for what she had done to me but i had to let go. It's history. fullstop.

But we keep in touch until today..She'll send her new phone number every time she has new one...(yes she has the habit of changing her phone number too)...

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