f a t i h a t i e

Bumped into my cousin's blog just now..
Well she dindt know i read her blog
but that's cool enuf..
want to peep without her noticing..
it really doesnt matter anyway
I cried.
I cried reading her post about her mom
who passed away last Syawal
Her mother was quite close to my mom when they were younger
mama always praised Arwah Aunty Rohana Merdekawati for being such a softspoken
and very lovely woman..
I seldom talk to her & my cousin cz we rarely met even on raya occasion
My cousin, Nazneem was also in Asasi Sains UM-my junior-nvr met her
and again my jr during my degree (Chemistry Dept)-nvr talked to her
so bad i am
i was shy haha
n i thought Nazneem is sombong haha (i know it's a only a 1st impression n i reserved that thought)
but later i knew that she resembles her mom in certain way
she's sweet..
sorry nazneem... teeeheee
I invited her to my house last hari raya..
n went to her house in KB too
at that time, her mother had just passed away
she seemed strong
she is strong looking at her style...
a chin up kind of girl
keep it up gurl ;)
but she has her supporters, her frens n family
i think she'll do just fine insya Allah
Heard that she planned to be a PhD holder..
a future lecturer i presume
All the best to you (though u r not reading this)

Am emotionally touched with person dealing with death of family members..

frm left:Nazneem, Dini, Raudhah & Ida~Last Raya=)

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