f a t i h a t i e
Last Friday, a new student name Anuar was introduced to us by kak hani our receptionist,for 3 months practical.

He asked my age and there was an odd feeling of uttering 2 and 5

hahhaha omg i'm 25 this year!!!

Then i said i'm 24 last year & i giggled..haha

but it really doesnt feel rite to feel 25

its not that i cannnot accept that i'm 25

but the feeling is soo not rite


i'm supposed to be older n wiser

but i doubt the wiser part


haha melalut pulak,

by the way, he also asker ira's age

n when ira said she is 22 this year

Anuar said that i look just about the same age as ira

wahaha just like i wish to at least look like 22

maybe ira has a mature face , dats why.

looks can be deceiving hihi

btw as time flies by, what matters is maturity in the state of mind n experience

n live life to the fullest!!

ok over pulak..

have a nice day ya'll

2 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    okkk..aku baru perasan dat headar is a pics of my moms antique piece...how did it got there? ekekekke
    and oh yeah...pesal lak ko xrasa 25...ptot nye lah...kan kan...

  2. ALFATTAH Says:

    hihihi, sesi tangakp gmbr kat umah ko plakkan...hihihi

    sbb patutnye 25 aku dah kawen tp x kawen lg..haha so rasa tua..bley?

    ps:no offense;)

he or she..

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