f a t i h a t i e

Last Sunday i rushed from masjid jamek to mid valley

Commuting by putra n ktm.

Bought a mint (by request) n i accidentally saw a girl buying a piece of cake which was cute.

So I thought I'd buy a piece.

Actually i was there for i have a meet up with mr Mansur

For the purpose of buying a shirt for him

Well i guess the whole evening was his day

After he arrived, there was a scene lah when there was some misunderstood la bla bla bla

After the scene finished i my eyes were all swollen due to dat membazir of crying , what a lucky day, we bumped into mansur's sisters..3 all of them with their spouses..

Damn damn damn

My face is pale, my puffy eyes..owh i have no lipsticks on my lips...damn (yup Mansur tgk pucat xpe)

N i had to throw the lavish smile of mine to them (cz muka dah burok, so aku bg la asset senyuman je yg ada)

After saying goodbye to then, Mansur was like.."owh atie senyumm dah"

And me was like "mn ada.td tu senyum belakon dpn kakak2 plak"..n back to the previous mode.hampes

N yesterday Mansur told me dat her oldest sister said that my face looks cengkung when she saw me last sunday compared to the last time she saw me at her baby sister wedding.erk?she advice me don't overdo dieting. If too cengkung, not nice to see on my wedding day..erk?

Cannot help but think dat my paleness n my dark circles dat day dat made her say i looked cengkung..

1st of all i don't diet.

2nd i acc her brother for his routine jogging, daaaaa....so it's not my fault if they think i'm thinner.

3rd, no my face is not cengkung. My cheeks are born to be fat. N it will stay like dat for i don't know how long.

Maybe the baby fat is loosening..i'm 25 remember..so got some kendur part..it's a fact..ppl's structural face changes in time..unless i use collagen or anything else..hahhahahhahhahah..obviously i don't need dat, n hv no intention to fattening or botoxing my cheeks. Wonder y ppl do botox, their face just look unnatural..like plastic face n so kembung like ikan buntal.

Well gooogled a picture at his baby sister's wedding n found this pic..

The pic was taken on the 29th of june 2008

Well here's my fat cheekssss.. i was so chubby!!! N still am


Ps: bakal ibu mertuaku (yg comel huahuahua bodek)

N this pic is taken 17th of dec..

Angle picture maybe lain sket tp tetap tembam ok.................lg byk senyum, lg naik pp.

and y do i even bother abt this?

cz i think it's not true

i like to be chubby

and i would also love to loose a bit of baby fat hahah

and i dont want to be cengkung jerangkung

but i think i'm no difference since

4 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    ooooo...is dat wats its all about...yeah, frankly speaking, u do look a bit cengkung...well in dat red kurung pics...hmmmm

  2. newguy Says:

    dear, if you look closely at your pic, it have a bit diffrnt. Second pic you smile a lot compare the first one..hehehe...cyng comel cngt...suka both pict...

  3. newguy Says:

    comelnya dia....

he or she..

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