f a t i h a t i e

Working backwards... At first my SV directed me to prepare samples with 6g of weight.( i was so new so i just followed..dem it)

And he never utters abt using 0.01M NaCl. Distilled water was the only thing he stated.

And now 6g is not enuf for the purpose of physical characterization. 15g of samples should be weighted. And distilled water is not right for physical characterization.

But the data collected before can only be used for other purpose)

So i have to prepare all over again. in a larger amount.

Like hundreds of tubes. It can be done within this 80 but i’m gonna have to work like shit.

Maybe he didn’t know dat i’m fighting with the ticking clock. And yes, i’d be pleasured if he doesn’t know (for the time being)

A year ago today i was ‘admitted’ here. (and now i’m working backwards)

Happy anniversary.

And super thanks.

It was ur choice fatihah. Live with it. Good luck.

And happy anniversary to us.

Same date with deviating feeling of misery and happiness.

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