f a t i h a t i e
1. Having lunch alone. (Not a good time. Am losing my appetite)

2. Am using silk highway to the office in bangi since last week cz the shortcut road (frm semenyih to bangi) is closed for construction. Always forgetfully used LeKAS highway cz i often use dat highway to UM or cheras.thank god ade susur masuk putrajaya. But there’s dis one time (ye, saya dah termasuk lekas hiway 2 kali) terlepas susur tu, terpaksa lalu saujana impian, naseb ade susur putrajaya yg lg jauh tp kena tol kat sg ramal pulak dah..wut’s wrong with me?12km jadi ~30 km OK?!! I think i’m losing my head.

3. Waiting for kak Amy’s sample (AGAIN) to proceed my part.

4. Dying to finish my labwork so i can rest my head in peace and i can think of other things.

5. Have a plane to catch this Friday. The mood of shopping will eventually kick in as soon as i am on the plane. =D

6. I read anything from art to law ( erm law?) that can make each of my day valuable. Yes, i am never a book freak.( Erm chemistry books baca sikit2 je..hihi..). I went to the library (i seldom go to the library) to borrow chemistry book and ended up borrowing more of photo editing books heheh. I am still puzzled why photography & photo editing books were place next to chemistry books? To seduce me of course. Why beads sewing books weren’t located there? Heheh. Yes, i’m ranting.

7. Thinking of going to the book store after coming back from Bandung. (lepas dpt scholar allowance le...)

8. Can’t wait to see my dress dat i’ve sent to the tailor this 25th so i can sew my so called extravagant beads.(haha Yes dream on babe). The shimmering beads design is already emblazoned in my head.heheh..(they say dat there’s a beads & sewing store name Karysma in bangi bt i don’t know the exact location of it huhuh. )

9. Am sewing beads for wani’s kurung. Was thinking of what pattern to sew. Ended up sewing a simple one. Huhuh.. I think she dislike a heavy/traditional (bunga timbul2 design)..rite?heheh

10. Thinking of my future job...this time, i have to do a deep research on the organization first hahaha paranoid giler! (study pun x abes lagi dah berangan nak p kerja OK!) hello, wake up pls!!!

Well, this is merely my current brain activity. Do not store it in ur head seriously. Heheh.

Ps: Introducing Nur Umairah Zulaikha, Mansur’s niece. Hhihi sempat lagi.

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2 Responses
  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    good good...simple is wat i need...ekekek

  2. haha hope u like it.. nk wat cm ko nk yg tabur2 tu, tp x stand out huhuhu

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