f a t i h a t i e
:: at Madam Rahmah's house::
the cat: Adeh..biler pompuan ni nk lpskan haku???

On the first day of Pre-Employment Programme, each of us had to talk one-on-one to Madam Rahmah... She kinda wanted to pre-evaluate our proficiency in English... I was asked 3 items i wish i had if i'm stucked in an island... erk? wut the heck... i never thaught that coming... i stammered on my final item... yeah plzz dont ask me what the two items were... oh yes, i wasnt allowed to choose a human... hahaha... hmm i cannot think of anything... Suddenly, out of the blue, i said the word "my cat". DAMN. Since when do i have a pet? I never had touched one...haha... i did touch 'em but i never 'mingle' with 'em. It's not that I hate them... i'm just not use to cats... hmm ok be honest- I'm afraid to hold them... truth be told. But i'm alright if they are around... no screamins and freakins... so uncool..hahaha..

Towards the end of the course, i found out that mdm rahmah has many kinds of pets... yes one of them is Felis catus. and she has like trillions of THEM. When I knew it, all i can do was smiled expressionlessly to Aina who couldn't stop laughing. Damn Aina.

As a result, at Madam Rahmah's house, i had to ACT... God I'm evil... It felt akward. arrrggghhh... what have i done... why did i lie...

But finally i overcome the fear to hold them right?... was it fear or plain ignorant towards the species? i'm not sure...maybe both...

I didnt mean to lie at the first place...

One of the things Mdm Rahmah reminded us was to be honest as an employee.. and of course at the interview... coz u might be caught dead if what u've stated in ur resume differs.

Ps: Mdm Rahmah also said that those who have pets are a responsible kind of person coz they take responsibility of their pets...ngggeeeee... who have pets?? hands up plsss.. hahaha... no wani, u can keep ur hands down.. =D
3 Responses
  1. Rodrigo Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Geezz, I was about to put my hands up, but then again you mentioned me not to...what the heck...me, me, me...i have trillion of cats...=p
    *nak angkat jugak tangan tuh* =p

  3. alfattah Says:

    =D nk jugak tuh...aku tau ko ternak kucing kat umh, sbb tu ko x yah angkat tgn..

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