f a t i h a t i e
Diyana came to my house this afternoon with her mom and her friend, Kak Hanim. They were heading back to KT but I think she terribly missed me, so she paid me a visit... hehehehe perasan... She came bringing urm... should I say good news or bad news?... =( She'll be leaving Malaysia for Ireland to further her studies... and it's going to happen this September... huhu... why so early???

But from the bottom of my heart (broken heart? hehehe), i am truly happy for you... hiks.. =)

Last week I asked Diyana if I can borrow one of her books written by Sophie Kinsella... I couldnt remember the title... I thought the title was PS: I Love You (PS:I.L.Y.)... hahaha... Later then I recalled the title was actually Can You Keep a Secret (C.Y.K.A.S). She brought over tons of her books and to my absolute surprise, PS: I Love You was one of them... hehehehe... and she just bought it last friday... She didnt bring the book by Kinsella, C.Y.K.A.S.. Maybe she forgot and replaced it with PS:ILY. But it's fine with me. I'd take anything that you bring... =)

And here's pictures of zarief snuggling with his bears in my room before Diyana came... huhuhu sibuk je budak kicik nie.. =P
elleh...kunun chomel la tuuuu...

huhuhu... memang chomel puuun... =)
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