f a t i h a t i e
Zerra, carefull with ur fingers...hahaha...

5 weeks had passed by... It started out rough and ended in a very mild feelings of blankness... Few hours after the closing ceremony then I felt the strong sensation of sad and sorrow blended slowly into my system... haha it took quite a while for the sadness to assymilate... Sometimes when u r sad, u just dont want to think about it until all the memories come crawling into ur numb brain, that u realize u are actually sad... u just have to...there's no way not to be.

Now, there will be no more the same faces in class, the same faces pooling in aina's car, no more aina's waiting and shouting for my name in the morning , no more ayn calling me early in the "manis" morning shouting loud asking if i care to join for breakfast, no more rushing to class to avoid singing in front of the class if you are late, no more jogging at the lake, no more giving out speeches, no more mdm rahmah's tasty sandwiches, no more crazy nights, no more 'tuang' class for bowling... and yeah not to be forgotten no more climbing up the 4 story building to my room...huhu how i will remember all of this tears and joy... yeah i had cried after knowing my results =P, I jumped and screamed hysterically, insanely, wildly in my room...-Linda was absent to witness my madness. Soon i realized that i was extremely out of my mind...hehe... i shud thank Allah instead... I cried because of the difficult moments i had had through out my final semester and my exam week... IT WAS SOMETHING. it was bitter yet it was sweet. IT WAS SOMETHING WONDERFUL. It is still is. and it will always be.
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