f a t i h a t i e

After finishing up my work, I decided to continue reading a novel. A novel I started reading it a year ago. I think I stopped at page 50+ and now, I’m continuing it. It’s a great book though. But why hadn’t I finish it? Hahah… I am a terrible procrastinator. But now, once I’ve started, I can never stop loving to read IT. Lonesome like me have to have something to fill in right. I love reading good novels. It’s in me, but procrastinate is in me too. Haha. I want to change that. This year I decide to read much more.

I come to understand it. i believe i have that DNA in me. i believe i restrained or saving a little for myself...cz i knew once i started to get serious, i'd be so into it, i can never stop liking/loving it.

hmm i wonder why D stopped writing in her blog now...i'd love to here frm her...
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he or she..

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