f a t i h a t i e
I'm doing good...never been better.

went to 3 openhouses today. am full. am very tired.

My JPJ test will be on next tues. suddenly i hate kancil. am not used to kancil.hehe

I got myself 'my own' hplc which gives me headaches.

We get ourselves a new chemist name Liyana, 22years old. She's cool. huhu me not the youngest chemist there no more...hehe

Signed up as a docent... not rite.. not rite.. but believe it or not... hehehe
ps: history was never my field of interest...hehehe...today is my 1st tym at the museum negara...yup.true.hehehe. talk abt trying new things..hmm

I shud stop going home at weekends. Unless i look better in my jeans. yup thanks mum. thank u very much.

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